Jeopardy July 18 2019 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy July 18 2019 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 The first event annually in horse racing's Triple Crown
2 One of lard's best uses is as this concise ingredient that makes baked goods crisp & flaky
3 The Gum department store in this capital was where Soviet higher-ups got to shop for luxury apparel
4 A pita is this because you stuff it
5 On July 24 1866 this state volunteered to be the first Confederate one readmitted to the Union
6 Part of The Bazaar of Bad Dreams Obits won the 2016 Short Story Edgar Award for my Maine man this horror master
7 James Naismith threw the ball up for the first-ever game-opening one of these
8 The crispy remains after pork fat has been rendered are called these AKA pork rinds
9 Iceland's 3000-square-mile Vatnajokull is Europe's largest of these--subject to change as it's receding fast
10 Criminal skill of Matt Damon & Awkwafina in the Ocean's series
11 Born in Mass. in 1820 she had abolition & temperance as her main causes before focusing on women's rights
12 G is for grand master as well as this woman who received the 2009 Grand Master Award
13 The first flag waved at a NASCAR race is one of this color
14 In 1911 this 6-letter brand was introduced as a vegetable-based alternative to lard
15 Roman baths once highlighted this Paris locale that got its name due to the language spoken there until about 1789
16 A sudden updraft or downdraft when flying in a plane is known as this
17 In 1880 this was a gleam in the eye of William Sawyer & Albon Man; they filed a patent on it & got into years of struggle with Edison
18 2018's best episode in a TV series was Somebody to Love by Noah Hawley for this Midwestern-set show spun off from a film you betcha
19 The first octopus thrown on the ice at a home game of this NHL team came form fishmongers Pete & Jerry Cusimano in 1952
20 Upton Sinclair claimed in this novel that some workers who fell into the vats ended up as lard
21 Most of this largest European alpine lake belongs to the Swiss the rest to France the view--to everyone
22 Urban Dictionary says this shirt accessory is not popular anymore even among geeks
23 The Chickasaw & Choctaw were 2 of the quintet given this patronizing name for their relatively assimilated ways
24 This pseudonym of 2 authors got a special Edgar in 1950 for a Mystery Magazine
25 The first event of tennis' yearly Grand Slam (it used to be the last)
26 Not the healthiest lard is this type of fat made from 3 fatty acids & glycerol
27 It's quite lovely along this river that flows through Porto Portugal
28 Rhyming nickname of short-but-fast NHL star Henri Richard
29 This publisher founded the New York Tribune as a Whig paper & later helped start the Republican party in 1854
30 The Scotch was good. Too good. I tried to remember. It was 1955 & this writer had won for The Long Goodbye. & now he had my gun
31 A Merv of these hybrid creatures who guarded gold from the Arimaspians
32 A kid with a skinned knee can impress his friends by telling him he has this from the Latin meaning scrape off
33 She's the platinum-tressed bride of Dagwood Bumstead
34 You'll feel like a king on this isle in Lake Superior the least visited national park in the lower 48 states
35 Excitement that comes from visiting Chicago... or Peoria
36 In 1845 he lit into fellow poet Mr. Longfellow with accusations of plagiarism which did not go over well
37 A Bojack of these horse/men who tried to kidnap Lapith women after getting drunk at a wedding
38 Cerumen is the medical name for this substance
39 This Dilbert creator received an MBA from Berkeley
40 Maybe you'll go to this Chicago university founded in 1870 as St. Ignatius College
41 A swirling whirlpool in the Lone Star State
42 Leonardo DiCaprio played this law enforcement man in a 2011 biopic
43 (If there were more than one) a maze of these bullheaded monsters the offspring of the wife of King Minos
44 Aspirin & codeine are this kind of drug AKA a painkiller--they relieve suffering without causing unconsciousness
45 Lincoln Peirce created this character who's actually just 4 1/2 feet tall
46 Go to the north bank of the Thames to stay at this London hotel a blend of art deco & Edwardian elegance
47 A fortress in the first state to ratify the Constitution
48 A string of these foul-smelling bird/women monsters who meet Jason & the Argonauts
49 This 11-letter word describes any procedure that doesn't require breaking the skin or entering the body with instruments
50 This comic strip sportscaster has stayed current covering Anthony Davis & Roger Goodell
51 About 50 miles north of Milwaukee this Wisconsin city on Lake Michigan was established as a fur-trading post
52 Pertaining to the eyesight of residents in the most populous state
53 A panoply of these goaty guys the Roman version of satyrs
54 In the disorder called this an intolerance to gluten leads to damage of the lining of the small intestine
55 In a classic early strip Offissa Pupp protects this feline
56 This town on Long Island gained fame as the site of Sagamore Hill Theodore Roosevelt's summer White House
57 Strict plant eater from a Pacific coast state
58 Spoon River was a combo of 2 towns this writer knew as a boy


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# Questions
1 Irene Adler is known as the woman who outwitted Sherlock but she only appears in one story: A Scandal in this kingdom
2 Some agrarian societies are considered this not yet having developed manufacturing capability
3 This length used in horse racing is equal to 220 yards or 1/8 of a mile
4 Neil Finn formerly of Split Enz formed this band named for a cramped place on Sycamore Avenue in Los Angeles
5 In A Study in Scarlet this Scotland Yard inspector is described as lean and ferret-like
6 It means biased or inclined in a particular direction though it sounds like it means thrown away early
7 At one time a nook was a measure of land equal to about 20 of these
8 Drummer Travis McNabb rocked for better than Ezra then went country with this Jennifer nettles band
9 This heavyweight boxing champ of the 1970s & '80s was nicknamed the Easton Assassin
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