Jeopardy July 15 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy July 15 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 One of these took place on the Bounty in 1789; there was another of sorts on Skylab in 1973 when the radios were turned off
2 Honey glazed carrots & cranberry sauce are in Hannie Scott's 25 Easy... Recipes for this holiday
3 Monica & Ross always stuck in second gear
4 An example of this at the grave of Marguerite Daniels: She always said her feet were killing her but no one believed her
5 Coyotes can run 40 mph & go after the real version of this Warner Bros. foe which--gulp!--only runs at 15 to 20 mph max
6 Finding that a nearby magnetron had melted a candy bar in his pocket led Percy Spencer to invent this
7 The Great Emu War of 1932 proved disastrous for this country's army; the big birds were no chickens
8 Better digestion is promised with the cookbook called Go with this synonym for the stomach
9 Jonathan & Will Byers confronting the Upside Down on Netflix
10 Chocolate is a classic type of this delight seen here
11 A coyote is also known as a prairie or a brush this but is smaller & lighter than a pure one
12 For examining how labor identity & human rights are transformed by the digital economy Mary L. gray earned this Genius Grant
13 A 1976 mission in which U.S. forces cut a poplar tree in Korea's DMZ was named for this legendary lumberjack
14 She wrote her groundbreaking 1961 French cookbook For the Servantless American Cook
15 Sam & Dean Winchester hunters of demons & things that go bump in the night
16 It's the act of a minor legally freeing themselves from their parents
17 To avoid detection coyotes may practice digit-grading which humans call walking this
18 In 1975 Gary Dahl marketed a Pet this which sold for $3.95; the ones used were from Mexican beaches & cost Gary 1 cent each
19 Caligula declared himself a god & decreed that a bridge be built between his palace & the temple of this top Roman god
20 Anne Byrn helps us make American this dessert including Colonial gingerbread & classic layer ones
21 The twins Tia & Tamera played onscreen by real-life twins
22 Long ago it had a curved shape but now it's basically a big oboe
23 A character in the country song Coyotes would sit out under the stars & listen while the coyotes do this
24 An experiment turns the low-I.Q. Charlie Gordon & a mouse into geniuses in this Daniel Keyes story
25 A convert to Quakerism Inazo Nitobe wrote a bestseller about this samurai warrior code
26 In 1931 Irma Rombauer spent half her life savings to publish this cookbook that eventually sold 18 million copies
27 Sisters Kara & Alex Danvers one with extraordinary abilities
28 This -ology is basically the theory of knowledge
29 Coyotes prey on the snowshoe hare & the white-tailed this ruminant
30 Non-Cooperative Games the doctoral thesis from his beautiful mind made the Annals of Mathematics in 1951
31 Pro sports teams in Saskatchewan include the Saskatoon Blades & the Regina Pats in this sport
32 Scheherazade is the storyteller in this collection of folk tales
33 The 6th & last of these Concertos named for a place has no violins but there's harpsichord 'cause that's how Bach rolled
34 Named for Reagan's press secretary & adopted in 1993 the Brady bill imposed a waiting period before purchasing these
35 1931:A strange potion divides a man's personality
36 Hawaiian dress & garb worn by a ballerina
37 Places of interest in this province include the Citadel Historic Park in Halifax & the Alexander Graham Bell Historic Site
38 She's the FBI trainee who must seek help from a deranged killer in The Silence of the Lambs
39 At the '84 Olympics Brits Torvill & Dean got perfect 6s skating to gold using this Ravel work but we'd have given them a 10
40 Federal title this number of the education amendments of 1972 was renamed for Patsy Mink a congresswoman who helped enact it
41 1993: Staying in touch with your kids after a divorce can literally be kind of a drag
42 Item held by a cheerleader & type of movie like Pretty Woman
43 The Fraser Valley in this Pacific province accounts for much of its agriculture
44 Shakespeare wrote that the sails of her barge were so perfumed that the winds were love-sick with them
45 In 1867 this wizard of the piano composed the Hungarian Coronation Mass
46 The Lilly Ledbetter Act resets this time period whenever an employee receives a paycheck based on discriminatory pay
47 2000:An FBI agent goes undercover at a beauty pageant
48 To reverse course using the same route & the star of Nacho Libre
49 In 2003 it dropped the words the & Territory from its name
50 This Thomas Hardy heroine has an out-of-wedlock child named Sorrow who sadly dies
51 The Bride's Book of Etiquette suggests Canon In D by this 17th century German as the party heads down the aisle
52 A star in Chaplin's The Kid he earned millions but it got spent by others; a law named for him protects the earnings of minors
53 2005:Married assassins are contracted to kill each other
54 A non-lethal weapon that fires an electric charge & a 5k engaged in for pleasure
55 Qikiqtaaluk formerly called Baffin is a region in this 800000-square-mile territory
56 This wife of Theseus had a minor part in Euripides' Hippolytus but got her own Racine tragedy
57 Really putting the O in orchestra E.L.O. did a live performance of In The Hall Of The Mountain King by this composer
58 1920's National Prohibition Act was named for this Minnesota congressman
59 1942:A British woman & her family work together to survive at the outbreak of World War II
60 Swift journalism thoroughfare of London & illegal paper during quiz time


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# Questions
1 Leafy greens are rich in this vitamin needed to synthesize clotting factors; blood thinners may counteract its activity
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4 A blessing from the Sermon on the Mount
5 In 1987 a month after her 16th birthday this single-named singer topped the charts with I Think We're Alone Now
6 After the death of his wife Julia this member of the First Triumvirate turned against his father-in-law Julius Caesar
7 If mango skin makes your lips tingle it's a reaction related to the rashes you might get from touching this toxic vine
8 A Seminole reservation & the communities of Belle Glade & Pahokee are found around the shores of this lake
9 Appearing as a swan to Leda Zeus became a dad to at least one of these twins the Dioscuri; obviously that's complicated
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