Jeopardy July 11 2019 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy July 11 2019 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 A section of it runs for some 5500 miles from Liaoning province to Gansu
2 Joe Pesci & Daniel Stern were the bumbling burglars foiled by Macaulay Culkin in this 1990 film
3 Though sounding a bit RuPaul-ian Roll away to a half sashay is actually a call made during this shapely dance
4 This type of updated work is from Latin for see again
5 A Jason Aldean country song is called Ask Any Ol' this backless seat at a drinking establishment
6 It was originally made of barbed wire on the night of August 12-13 1961
7 Jonathan Taylor Thomas & Zachery Ty Bryan played Tim Allen's kids on this sitcom
8 This avian party dance topped a 2017 list of what brides told DJs not to play
9 In a verb meaning to edit or censor this writing tool follows both blue & red
10 The Koken brand of these chairs was the first with the hydraulic lift; how about a shave with that mister?
11 Blessed are they that do this 5-letter word: for they shall be comforted
12 A rabbinic belief is that the divine presence never departs from this wall in Jerusalem
13 The title of this Amazon series starring Julia Roberts refers to a facility that helps soldiers transition into civilian life
14 They all want me they can't have me in this '90s hit song that became its own dance craze; hey!
15 There's a diner foodstuff in this verb meaning to go over something again & again &...
16 An idiom for a futile action in the face of disaster is rearranging these on the Titanic
17 Blessed are the meek: for they shall this 3-word phrase
18 Sacsayhuaman is a walled fortress near Cuzco ancient capital of this empire
19 Will Ferrell is the square stepdad & Mark Wahlberg is the cool biological father in this 2015 comedy
20 A song that was No. 1 in the summer of 1960 begins Come on baby let's do this dance
21 In Hollywood-speak better take one more of these at that script of yours or you'll get one of these a no from a studio
22 Perfect for Hamlet's dad it's the type of chair seen here
23 Blessed are these people: for they shall be called the children of God
24 A book about Frank Calvert & Heinrich Schliemann is called Finding the Walls of this city
25 In 2019 Solange released this album that was full of nostalgia of her native Houston
26 Introduced to the U.S. from Cuba around 1914 this dance is done quick-quick-slow in 4/4 time; let's get ready to...!
27 These 2 similar words have similar meanings; the one starting A can mean to make any change; the E is to change the text
28 It's Easy to name this chair that's molded to fit the body's shape & named for the married couple who designed it
29 The first attempt to break up this communications company was in 1949; it finally happened in the '80s
30 As this Chekhov play ends trees on the Ranevskaya estate are being cut down to build a housing development
31 Not being much of a friend in 1981 Rick Springfield wished that he had this guy's girl
32 In the South the American Civil War is sometimes called the War of Northern this 10-letter word
33 Astrophysicists debate how fast the universe is doing this; it's somewhere around 70 kilometers per second per megaparsec
34 To think an opponent is not as good as he actually is; it can lead to overconfidence
35 In 1989 these 2 actors decided to rekindle their relationship; actress Dakota Johnson resulted
36 He had some revolutionary ideas in his 1902 tract What Is To Be Done?
37 It completes Billy Ocean's 1988 title request &/or demand Get Outta My Dreams...
38 The Beaver Wars in Canada were also known as the French & this Native American league wars
39 Sheldon Glashow gave this adorable name C-quark for short to a particle discovered in 1974
40 At the University of Washington Spanish 101 is elementary 201 is this & 301 is advanced
41 In 200 this company was ordered to split Windows & Internet Explorer into 2 companies but appealed successfully
42 His imprisonment & subsequent exile to Siberia led to the writing of The House of the Dead
43 He's seen here in 1982 around the time of his first No. 1 hit
44 This country's 17th century civil wars are also known as The Great Rebellion
45 (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows two waves on the monitor.) In transverse waves each particle moves perpendicular to the wave's direction; in this 12-letter type reminiscent of lines on a map ea
46 (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows a model of a synapse on the monitor.) Defusing across synapses after being released by neurons these substances stimulate other parts of the brain & body to acti
47 This country was partitioned in 1772 with Austria getting Auschwitz; it was back together in 1918
48 Just 10 days before he became a dead soul this author burned sequels he had written for his Dead Souls
49 Lipps Inc. sang Well I talk about it talk about it talk about it talk about it... won't you take me to this title place
50 The Ramadan War of 1973 is also called this after a holiday of a different religion
51 Per a Richard Feynman lecture a collision where bodies stick together is an example of conservation of this
52 It's a synonym for adulterous as in an affair
53 After other failed attempts a 1911 federal lawsuit finally split this oil trust into more than 30 companies
54 In '82 there was no denying it: Oh this guy You're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind hey this guy! Hey this guy!
55 The Great Narragansett War is another name for this king's war
56 Magnetism is action at this; Einstein added spooky to dismiss the weird phenomenon quantum entanglement
57 A wondrous change specifically Jesus' appearance in glory observed each August 6


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Latest Questions

# Questions
1 Churchill gave a word a new meaning when he called for a talk with Soviet Russia upon the highest level... a parley at this
2 Term for a type of large white blood cell that digests invading micro-organisms & also eats cell debris
3 India the leading milk producer in the world gets almost half of it from this beast not considered cattle
4 This beloved indie rock band took its name in 1984 from the way a Spanish-speaking outfielder says I got it
5 Many thought The Rite of Spring was just noise like the Augurs of Spring marked to be played this extra-loud way throughout
6 Sid & Marty Krofft produced 70s Saturday morning TV like H.R. Pufnstuf & this one where a family ends up in a time with dinosaurs
7 Wheres the president? a blundering Val asks this senator from Louisiana with a different middle name church & party
8 Found in the ear this small bone connects the tympanic membrane to the incus bone
9 From Australia & New Zealand this honey with a Maori name is said to have antibacterial properties
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