Jeopardy July 08 2022 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy July 08 2022 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 A 2021 study suggested that an asteroid that struck the Jordan Valley C. 1650 B.C. gave rise to the story of this city in genesis 19
2 Every December 10 after these are handed out there's a banquet at Stockholm's city hall
3 Johnny Mercer wrote the lyric I'm gonna love you like nobody's loved you come these 2 opposites
4 National Weather Service danger signs of this impending phenomenon include a dark often greenish sky & a roaring noise
5 Hitting the big screen as Vito Corleone in The Godfather was an offer this actor couldn't refuse
6 Near the border of Colombia & Ecuador Las Lajas Sanctuary was built after an image of this woman was seen on the surrounding cliffs
7 Add a B to a chess piece to turn it into this babbling stream
8 About one-fifth of Norway's economy comes from this natural product led by Equinor operating in areas like its continental shelf
9 Starbucks sells a tea drink called London this
10 Waves can create a current moving away from the shore properly called this type of current & much stronger than an undertow
11 In 2022's The Batman Zoƫ Kravitz brought a new take on this character with a secret identity of her own
12 Charles I was the last monarch to sleep in this castle the night before he was crowned king of Scotland in 1633
13 Subtract an A from a word that describes sudden intense pain to get this word meaning adorable
14 Billund Denmark is the home of this toy company
15 A Joyce story ends with this falling upon all the living and the dead
16 You can sleep all night & work all day but Time magazine listed this outdoor job as the USA's most dangerous
17 These are the first names of the 2 characters played by Humphrey & Ingrid in Casablanca
18 Le Corbusier designed the Palace of Justice for Chandigarh a regional capital built in the 1950s in this country
19 Put a B on a synonym for donkey & you get this game fish
20 This Scandinavian specialty is made with dried cod that's soaked in lye & simmered for about 10 minutes until translucent
21 A book about the underworld says Al Capone's rival Joe Aiello died in this type of storm of lead
22 This U.S. government department issues regular travel advisories on the level of danger in countries to which you might journey
23 In this film Jared Leto plays the title biochemist who tries to cure himself of a rare disease but infects himself with vampirism instead
24 The luxurious Alhambra of Spain was built by these conquerors whose name is derived from a region of Africa
25 Subtract a B from a loose-fitting women's shirt to get this parasite you don't want to find there
26 He drew on Norwegian folk tales & tunes for his music including In The Hall Of The Mountain King heard here
27 The EPA says keep this below 60% to prevent mold
28 Eating certain fish can be dangerous for pregnant women due to this heavy metal; the FDA calls out king mackerel & swordfish
29 King Kong had nothing on this actor when he starred as LAPD Detective Alonzo Harris in Training Day
30 Protecting the Roman Empire's alpine frontier the Porta Nigra or black gate is in Trier now in this country
31 Bite an S off a tentacled cephalopod & it becomes this slang for a British pound
32 This president made a secret deal to take U.S. nukes out of turkey helping end the Cuban Missile Crisis
33 The largest avian ever the elephant bird of this island nation off the east coast of Africa could reach 10 feet high & 1000 pounds
34 The online world (10 letters)
35 Among those she acknowledged on her 2019 induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame were Dick Clark don Cornelius & her brothers
36 In Frozen Anna & Hans sing Love Is An Open one of these Life can be so much more
37 Baby I've asked you not to ruin plot points when we watch TV unless you give me this 7-letter alert
38 Unearthed decades later a 1950 letter indicates happiness by Joseph Stalin that the U.S. was entangled in this war
39 The great auk was a flightless & sadly fearless bird that lived on the Faroes & other islands in the northern part of this ocean
40 Solid like a certain building material (8 letters)
41 He was inspired by the original King Kong to become a filmmaker
42 In Tuesdays with Morrie this author wrote Love is the only rational act
43 I hate it when you eat the last one of these ice cream bars with a big polar bear on the wrapper; it's cruel baby
44 In this year the U.S. & others boycotted the Moscow Olympics to protest the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
45 Cygnus falconeri was a 35-pound one of these birds that lived in Malta
46 Partner of whole kit (8 letters)
47 In 2004 a stretch of highway in Georgia was named in honor of this great
48 This man's [love is more thicker than forget] continues non-capitalization in the rest of the poem
49 You know I'm trying to consolidate Asia in this board game yet you invade from Kamchatka to Mongolia; not cool baby
50 The Stasi were a secret police force of this country that spied on its citizens & encouraged them to spy on each other
51 Humans brought an end to the Caribbean monk species of these flippered mammals that we often think of in colder climates
52 Jesus' crucifixion site (7 letters)
53 In 2022 Erin Jackson made history as the first Black woman to win individual gold at the Winter Olympics winning for this sport
54 His Symposium from around 360 B.C. states Love is the eldest & noblest & mightiest of the gods
55 I dropped out of this university but so did Bill Gates & Mark Zuckerberg; what exactly are you trying to say baby?
56 Abbreviated M.A.D. this theory deterred the use of nuclear weapons by suggesting there would be no winners
57 Extinct in the wild today the Barbary lion is famous for its activity in this Roman structure completed in 80 A.D.
58 Flightless ostrich relative (9 letters)
59 A 2-time Oscar winner she went on to serve in Britain's Parliament from 1992 to 2015
60 Irving Stone's 1954 novel Love is Eternal was about this first lady who married an awkward lawyer
61 You know my ex wore Opium perfume from this 3-named designer; why do you torture me so?


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# Questions
1 In 1756 Voltaire wrote that this which had lasted nearly a thousand years was none of the 3 elements in its name
2 In 1922 this archaeologist sent a cable sayin At last have made wonderful discovery in valley
3 This poison gets its name partly from the Greek for Dark Blue
4 Bearing the name of an 8th century Berber conqueror this strait separates 2 continents
5 A 1950 L.A. Times column said the defect of this seemed to be the senator for whom it was named
6 General relativity meant there must be these waves but they werent directly detected until 2015 by the LIGO Observatory
7 The name of this satellite that scared the West is Russian for traveling companion
8 A 1791 proclamation by President George ordered the first this of the District of Columbia a young George would have done it himself
9 Home to an NHL team the sap center in this California city is nicknamed The Shark Tank
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