Jeopardy July 08 2019 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy July 08 2019 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 A la Hongroise or this nationality means cooked in a cream sauce with paprika
2 Astronomer Fred Hoyle coined this term for the event that started it all 13.8 billion years ago
3 My sleep routine was way off due to this after I flew from Australia to Los Angeles
4 On Saturdays you have 2 opportunities to catch this show on Broadway & hear songs like Do You Want To Build A Snowman?
5 Maybe I'll Pitch Forever is by this HOFer & Negro Leagues star who threw 3 scoreless innings in the majors at age 59
6 This term for items sold alone is from French for according to the menu
7 Of an error a gap or a new discovery what a lacuna in a historical text is
8 Having rough notches like Alanis Morissette's Little Pill
9 A-list celebs have been known to hit a flea market held on the 2nd Sunday of every month outside this 90000-seat stadium in Pasadena
10 Denali Park & Preserve has 6 million acres of wild land & a 20000' peak in this state
11 Last name of Ya Gotta Believe! author & World Series champ Tug who had a country-singing son named Tim
12 The origin of the phrase a la boulangère for a dish cooked this way honors the woman who did the cooking
13 Want to see a passionate history professor? Watch this late comic work himself up to a scream in Back to School
14 A chapter on used cars in The Grapes of Wrath uses this word for a rundown auto
15 This 2-word term for your fanciest & newest suit of clothes implies that you'll be donning it on the weekend
16 Head up to Washington state to the park created in 1899 & named for this volcano the state's highest mountain
17 Imperfect is by Jim Abbott who though born with one hand gave up no runs & 5 walks pitching one of these in 1993
18 This American dish is chicken with a mushroom cream sauce; if you want to be fancy you can call it poulet royale in French
19 For extra quaintness a London pub opened in 1667 isn't just called Cheshire Cheese but these 2 words Cheshire Cheese
20 Pertaining to Jupiter
21 On the 7th day--as of 2014--a change in these colorful laws let Mass. liquor stores open 2 hours earlier at 10 a.m.
22 In 2019 vandalism during the govt. shutdown damaged many of these trees in their Mojave national park
23 2015's Pedro describes his journey from the Dominican Republic to Boston the World Series & the Hall of Fame
24 A dish prepared a la Normande likely uses plenty of this famed apple brandy from Normandy
25 Insert 3 letters in antiques to get this 1906 act that preserved U.S. archaeological sites from looting
26 An info-gathering Congressional excursion paid with public funds
27 One fine Saturday this Ohio liberal arts college will move up from Div. III & take down Alabama football 70-21; go Yeomen!
28 Here's one of the 2000-plus natural stone formations giving this Utah national park its name
29 A sandpaperlike nail file or a group of trustees at an Atlanta university
30 The word trident comes from a Latin word meaning having 3 these body parts
31 Beneath the white fur the skin of this bear is black which helps absorb heat from the sun
32 Parseltongue
33 Melted resin used to close envelopes or a way to tell the people upstairs they are too loud
34 Replacing his brother Shemp this actor joined the Three Stooges' lineup in the early 1930s
35 In England in days of yore the head of this wild swine was a centerpiece of the Christmas feast
36 William Augustus the Duke of Cumberland was known for his harsh suppression of the rebellion here in the 1740s
37 Valyrian Braavosi
38 Mrs. Michael Douglas she says the Greek letter in her name is due to her grandmother's Greek origins
39 These two groups of things seen here have soundalike names if you run the words together
40 Putting $1 on Justify-Gronkowski-Hofburg at the 2018 Belmont won $229.74 in this bet as the horses finished in that order
41 Meerkats are members of this mammal family that's noted for its cobra-killing capabilities
42 Emperor Augustus Caesar was the adopted heir of Julius Caesar & was followed by this emperor his chosen heir
43 Gobblefunk used by a Big Friendly Giant
44 She rose to fame on Downton Abbey but has since blossomed on the big screen as Cinderella
45 An illegal tackle in football pulling at the jersey neck or someone with laryngitis dialing the phone
46 Adopted by the U.S. in 1793 it's the 3-word phrase for territorial waters; now most countries claim more
47 More than half the tigers left in the world are this subspecies from India
48 Welsh painter Augustus John made many portraits of famous people including this poet & fellow countryman
49 Mangani language of the apes
50 This Irish-raised lass was just 13 when she got her first Oscar nomination for Atonement
51 The Bill Evans Trio showed the power of jazz piano in albums like Sunday at this club named for its Greenwich Village location
52 Sharing about 93% of their DNA with humans these monkeys native to Asia have long been used in medical research
53 Last name of banker Augustus who bequeathed the bulk of his fortune to advance music education
54 Nadsat spoken by Droogs


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