Jeopardy July 05 2019 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy July 05 2019 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Bids for this co.'s HQ2 included Atlanta's offer of a dedicated MARTA train car & a (joking) offer to rename Calgary
2 This Puritan minister is pictured with hair that's fluffy & white just like his name
3 Pedals seat a single wheel
4 In 2006 Zinedine Zidane famously incurred a red card infraction: this foul that even got a Paris statue named for it
5 A series by Vilhelm Moberg opens with The Emigrants who are headed for Minnesota departing from Småland in this country
6 Cinnamon or pepper & an area that can be deep or outer
7 This city's winning Olympic bid wanted to bring the games... to a country with one-fifth of the world's population
8 Professional Angel is a biography of this angel of the battlefield
9 Card reader slothose nozzle
10 Pele was only 17 when he first played for this country in 1958--it would win 3 World Cups with him
11 The lives of 3 women centuries apart intertwine along the shores of this lake in Danielle Sosin's The Long-Shining Waters
12 The sound on an electronic device & an examination you don't want to get form the IRS
13 Only one for sale as I need the other one to live; in 1999 bids got up to $5 million for a kidney before this site stopped things
14 A memorial at Arlington Cemetery to this North Pole explorer bears a Latin motto that means I shall find a way or make one
15 Cutter linkguide barkickback guardstop button
16 In 2018 France won the final game 4-2 but only scored 3 times because the 4th goal was this type
17 According to Garrison Keillor's book titled this town Days the town is somewhere near St. Cloud
18 To proclaim via sermon & to violate a contract
19 Comcast made a bid for this studio but in 2018 Disney's offer of over $70 billion won out
20 This newspaper magnate ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1904
21 Chanterdronesa tartan sack
22 Only 4 European teams competed in the first World Cup; the rest didn't want to travel all the way to this capital of Uruguay
23 He wrote his first novel This Side of Paradise in his parents' house on Summit Avenue in St. Paul
24 A tree remnant & a economic downturn
25 Lance Bass wanted the Brady Bunch house but his bid was out of sync & topped by this TV network that's all about houses
26 Wondering how to help impoverished women this woman (1879-1966) realized she had to remove legal barriers to birth control
27 Shaftfletchingnock
28 England won its only Cup in 1966 in a 4-2 extra-time victory on its home pitch--this London stadium
29 Minnesotan Tim O'Brien wrote books like Going After Cacciato & Lake of the Woods about those who fought in this war
30 A man-made waterway & a group of anti-government plotters
31 March 1 2018: President Trump announces plans to enact a 25% one of these on imported steel
32 The biography about Lady her tells of coppersmiths plasterers & her unveiling in 1886
33 In 1993 she was on Star Search in a group with Kelly Rowland called Girl's Tyme but lost to Skeleton Crew
34 Now a private carrier until 2015 Aer Lingus was the national airline of this country
35 Christian denomination predominant in Athens
36 In our digital age the graphic seen here represents this
37 May 2 1942: A labor convention in Cleveland creates this union
38 Lonesome George tells the story of a loooong-lived one of these on the Galapagos isle of Pinta
39 Pure Heroine & Melodrama are albums by this New Zealander who became famous in her teens
40 The mountain Doyle's Delight in this Central Amer. country once a British possession was named for Arthur Conan Doyle
41 Precious metal term for a song that was a hit decades ago
42 Level up on titles like Spider-Man on this platform
43 March 3 1901: J.P. Morgan announces his purchase of this man's steel company
44 A kids' book about this Giza figure is subtitled The Pharaoh's Eternal Guardian
45 This Brit: I've never wanted to look like models...I represent the majority of women & I'm very proud of that
46 In 1899 Jean Sibelius composed this piece a symbol of his country's nationalism
47 A legal action by a court restricting comment by the participants in a lawsuit
48 The National Parks Service graphic seen here informs visitors that access for this activity is up ahead
49 March 17 1999: This German family business known for steel & big guns merges with rival company Thyssen
50 Susan Orlean's book about him tells how he became a '20s film star though his dark coat was difficult to light
51 She topped the singles charts in 1971 & '99 & we believe she's not done yet
52 At about 10700 feet this Land of the Thunder Dragon has the highest average elevation of any nation on Earth
53 There's shiny lip color in this idiom meaning to minimize problems or unpleasant events
54 This European maker of speedy autos was founded by a former racecar driver
55 January 19 1813: This Englishman who'll go on to revolutionize steel production is born
56 Biography of a Germ focuses on the bacterium that causes this tick-borne disease identified in the 1970s
57 Martin Luther King Jr. called this singer & activist The Queen of American Folk Music
58 From the 19th century until they united in 1971 members of this national federation were known as the Trucial states
59 When a satellite is in one of these it appears to be in a fixed position with respect to the Earth below
60 A golden age of poster art was in 1890s France the era called this French for beautiful age


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