Jeopardy July 04 2019 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy July 04 2019 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Steve Wozniak said this co-founder came up with the name Apple after working at an orchard in Oregon
2 Rosalynn Smith got married in Plains Georgia in 1946 took this new surname & went on to have 12 grandkids
3 Evening in the Stacks galas held in various communities benefit local ones of these places
4 Miles Ahead is a classic 1957 album by this trumpeter
5 A cultural & spiritual symbol of its nation Mt. Fuji appears on the Japanese banknote valued 1000 of these
6 The shells of the Maine type of this crustacean turn bright red only after cooking
7 In a 2011 press conference she called herself a humble personal assistant
8 This dame went with one of her grandkids to the premier of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets which she had a role in
9 This Brit took form the rich & gave to the poor & a charity named for him does the same; its annual gala can bring in $50 million plus
10 Coleman Hawkins sang tenor helping to turn this instrument from a novelty into a jazz mainstay
11 Matching its name which may come from ancient Ainu for fire mountain Mount Fuji is a composite of 3 of these
12 You can't be serious with this brand of red licorice
13 Whether they wanted to or not in 2014 millions of iTunes users received this band's album Songs of Innocence
14 In 1805 Lucy Mack Smith gave birth to this future religious leader who later made her a grandma
15 Fashion's biggest night out the Met Gala in New York City is chaired by this magazine's Anna Wintour
16 Hef's gone but this annual June event still jazzes up the Hollywood Bowl
17 12300-foot Mount Fuji is the highest point on this island
18 Traditional borscht gets its vivid color from these deep red root veggies
19 It's the tech support & general hand-holding counter at Apple stores
20 This singer & poet was named Smith before marrying another Smith (musician Fred of the MC5) & becoming a mom & grandma
21 There's plenty of caviar to go around at the post-Oscars Governors' Ball catered by this chef & restaurateur
22 To be or not to be was the question for 1940s jazzers: Follow Dizzy & Bird into this new style--or not?
23 The first woman to summit Everest Junko Tabei made Fuji her last summit to support those hit by this 2011 disaster
24 The name of this Italian tomato sauce means in the style of a sailor
25 Ironically the name of this iPhone video chat app means a chance to be in the same room
26 Betty Smith who gained fame for this 1943 novel would later plant a Chinese sumac for her children & their children
27 In 2017 this country's government hosted a gala for King Harald's & Queen Sonja's 80th birthdays
28 This Gypsy hot jazz genius had only 3 good fingers on his fretting hand but he could still shred
29 The mountain's base abounds with shrines of this religion such as the Fujiyoshida Sengen shrine
30 This 4-letter cherry variety has a deep garnet color & a sweet taste
31 Rather than surrender to the Romans this great Carthaginian general took his own life
32 On an Alec Baldwin-hosted game show Tyrion Lannister & Jon Snow try to fill in the blanks
33 Chinese New Year begins between January 21 & February 20 on this phase of the moon so it might be pretty dark out
34 All for Love by John Dryden looks at the tragic lives of this ancient couple Shakespeare also wrote about
35 Gregor Mendel is referred to as the father of this field the science of heredity
36 To go on a nautical journey perhaps to the bottom of the sea
37 In 399 B.C. he told a jury I am not grieved men of Athens at this vote of condemnation
38 Freddie Highmore enters the Tardis as the first Time Lord with autism on this drama
39 Hindus perform this 4-letter physical discipline on the great night of Shiva which is in February or March
40 Dickens' first novel concerned a guy with this last name & the papers of his club
41 This developer of the periodic table of elements had his beard trimmed annually & maybe for his visits with the czar
42 To send a text maybe instantly
43 Ankhesenamun one of the daughters of King Akhenaten & this beautiful queen married King Tut
44 On a really zany sitcom Uncle Fester & Lurch don't see politics the way Alex Keaton does
45 The calendar seen here works well in 2019 when the first Sunday of this countdown period is December 1st
46 In 1894 he published a collection of stories featuring the characters Baloo & Bagheera
47 He referred to his pupils Antonio Nardi Raffaello Magiotti & Evangelista Torricelli as his Roman triumvirate
48 To save something from the trash pile & put it to use
49 Farmer/soldier Cincinnatus saved ancient Rome then refused to stay on as a dictator preserving this Roman form of govt.
50 Benedict Cumberbatch moves from a Showtime miniseries to a 1990s apartment complex with Heather Locklear & Grant Show
51 Draw a bead on the first Sunday in October the feast of this used in prayer
52 In this controversial 1928 novel passionate Constance is married to paralyzed Sir Clifford
53 The system named for this Greek astronomer puts the Earth at the center of the universe
54 To bleed profusely
55 One of the 7 wise men of Greece his code of laws formed the foundation of Athens' democracy
56 An outdoor fishing competition show with 4-letter catches that snares researchers Lizzy Caplan & Michael Sheen
57 Build the booths that give this Jewish holiday its name before Tishrei 15 the date the holiday begins
58 In this long 16th century poem Queen Elizabeth I appears as Belphoebe & is represented by the title monarch
59 His headstone in Germany reads Physiker with the dates 1901-1976; it does not say He lies here...somewhere
60 To play a practice game against another team


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