Jeopardy January 19 2023 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy January 19 2023 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Like Sir Thomas More 2 16th century English queens are buried at this location
2 As a patrician you could not do this with a plebeian until 445 B.C.'s Lex Canuleia
3 Jainism views time as one of these with 12 spokes corresponding to eras
4 Samuel Jackson walkin' the Earth
5 A gut feeling regarding one's child is commonly referred to as maternal instinct or mother's this
6 offers courses in the linear type of this including topics like vectors & matrix transformations
7 Scout's honor--bowline & clove hitch are 2 types of these
8 You could go to the July 23 festival of this sea god & hit his temple in the Circus Flaminius
9 The Piraha people of the Amazon have limited conjugation of verbs which as a result lack these time-indicating properties
10 The versatile Sterling Brown
11 Place where you'd hear the following
12 The Chicago Manual of Style is online to help you format footnotes & these from the Greek for book writing
13 Each December the Apollo Theater holds a holiday classic contest for this type of jump roping
14 Guess you couldn't be a gladiator judge if you were one of the Roman men who cut this off to avoid military service
15 Time is a measure of motion and of being moved said this student of Plato
16 Edward Robinson ya mugs
17 Some people just refer to it as a green onion
18 This job-finding & networking website the world's largest professional network provides new skills via its learning section
19 Mountain climbing ropes are often made of this synthetic material invented by DuPont in the 1930s
20 The first stop when you went to these was the apodyterium & if you were rich enough you brought a slave to watch your clothes
21 In The Tempest Antonio says What's past is this also a word meaning preface
22 Mr. Angela Bassett Courtney Vance
23 This type of therapy may help those suffering from back pain & even kidney stones
24 This author's MasterClass sessions offer a case study of his novel The Graveyard Book
25 One of the 6 simple machines it can use downward force on the rope not a spinning crank to hoist a load
26 On Sept. 2 44 B.C. you could take in the first of his 14 Philippic orations; he sure did love to orate until it got him executed
27 This word follows space-time to describe the 4-dimensional universe suggested by relativity theory
28 Daniel Travanti singin' the Hill Street Blues
29 Zymology is the scientific study of this process as in winemaking
30 Want to learn French? Maybe try this named for a rock found in Egypt in 1799
31 These strong ropes seen here give support to the mast; it's also an old word for another supporter--a corset
32 Helena is the seat of Lewis & Clark County as well as the capital of this state
33 See how they fly like Lucy in the sky see how they run in this song goo goo G'joob
34 There's nothing you can know that isn't known like adding She loves you yeah yeah yeah to the end of this song
35 Glass Onion begins I told you about this title spot you know the place where nothing is real
36 The Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce is found in this New England state capital


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# Questions
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7 This term for a dashing swordsman comes from his practice of striking his own shield with his sword during combat
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9 Charles Cheswick a patient who aids a rebellion at a mental ward & Miss Pilbow
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