Jeopardy January 10 2022 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy January 10 2022 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Newcastle upon Tyne is a British city; a posh suburb of Paris is called Neuilly-sur-this river
2 You've just crossed over into this TV anthology created by Rod Serling Best Dramatic Presentation in 1960
3 Getting smaller in area: Alaska Texas...
4 Not the Sicilian Defense but this legal one that may include the irresistible impulse test
5 Reasonably enough for Queen Bey Beyoncé makes hundreds of jars of this a year partly because of her daughters' allergies
6 It's from the Arabic for embalmed body like one in ancient Thebes
7 Our efforts at a SUBURBIA category fizzled out after Livonia Michigan & Arcadia New South Wales a suburb of this city
8 Khal Drogo & Dany are mentioned in chapter one of the Best Novella in 1997 Blood of the Dragon by this man
9 U.S. Army ranks: first lieutenant captain...
10 Not the Trompowsky but this 3-word attack that renders a computer no good to its legitimate user
11 The state legislature made him an honorary Texan after he donated his $15 million Alamo artifacts collection to the museum there
12 A convoy of vehicles or merchants traveling together for safety perhaps across the Sahara
13 Stewart Hartshorn made a fortune in window shade rollers & gave his S.H. initials to this wealth New Jersey suburb
14 The Best Long Form Dramatic Presentation in 2020 was Good Omens written by this Brit who also gave us Coraline
15 Gotta know your presidents if you hit our stage: Harrison Tyler...
16 Though not noted for action movies Forest Whitaker has a black belt in the kenpo type of this martial art
17 A failed actor is shanghaied to Mars in Double Star the 1956 best novel by this author of Starship Troopers
18 In Ivy schools alphabetically: ColumbiaCornell...
19 She knitted the shawl she wore as Sister Aloysius in the movie Doubt
20 From Arabic for notification it's a tax paid on imported goods
21 This author Hugo-nominated in his 20s for Babel-17 has the middle initial R for Ray; he won a few years later
22 Taylor Swift makes these transparent items; the video of her song Lover happens inside one


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Latest Questions

# Questions
1 This 1950 absurdist play by Eugene Ionesco consists mainly of meaningless dialogues between 2 couples
2 A prequel series to Battlestar Galactica was named for this planet
3 The Topkapi Palace begun by Sultan Mehmed II around 1460 & now a museum
4 Found just south of the North Carolina border 4784-foot Brasstown Bald is the highest point in this state
5 The German work Songs of this structure for hanging people actually contains jolly nonsense like the sniffle
6 Etheria is the planet where this title cartoon Princess of Power fights the evil horde
7 The Edmund Pettus Bridge site of a bloody 1965 confrontation
8 In one Norse myth Loki tricks the god Hoder into throwing a sprig of this parasitic plant at the beloved god Balder killing him
9 Beloved nonsense words include this creature that Pooh & Piglet track through the snow--or is it a Wizzle?
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