Jeopardy January 03 2023 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy January 03 2023 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Early in her career she translated romance novels into Spanish often changing the dialogue to make the heroines smarter
2 Now a term for any dreamy society this Thomas More land from a 1516 work was Communist & populated by pagans
3 Yellowcake a compound of this element is the raw stuff for commercial nuclear material
4 In the illustration seen here the title character is tied up on business in this land
5 In 1929 she painted The Lawrence Tree which she enjoyed gazing upon at D.H. Lawrence's New Mexico ranch
6 In this film Renee Zellweger tells Tom Cruise You had me at hello
7 Type of instrument seen here good for the homeowner who was limited space & budge
8 If your kids aren't from New England they may enjoy this two-word dish made with a veggie more than its clam or fish cousin
9 The Hunger Games says this country rose up out of the ashes of a place that was once called North America
10 One of Albert Pinkham Ryder's best known works is the macabre-toned painting The Race Track or this On a Pale Horse
11 A college conference or an agency that protects investors
12 In The Princess Bride Westley says this phrase to Buttercup over & over which she finally realizes means I love you
13 Collective term for the creatures seen here
14 Being a favorite of Eleven on Stranger Things boosted sales of this Kellogg's non-cereal brand
15 This shipwrecked character ends up on the island of Despair in 1659
16 In the 1930s this Iowa native designed a mural called Breaking the Prairie Sod for Iowa state University
17 It owns & operates Washington D.C.'s Constitution Hall opened in 1929
18 I wish I knew how to quit you is a line from this 21st century film
19 Here are ancestors of this tribe that let Salt Lake City college athletes use its name to build respect for its history & culture
20 History professor Paul Josephson's definitive article on these breaded items is titled The Ocean's Hot Dog
21 Macondo is a town that's originally isolated from the outside world in this 1967 Gabriel García Márquez classic
22 Roy Lichtenstein's comic book style paintings include Blam & this! Of 2 planes in combat a title reminiscent of a pop music duo
23 President Biden did not like its autumn 2022 production cuts
24 In Moonstruck after Nicolas Cage says I'm in love with you Cher slaps him twice & says these 4 words
25 The first Italian king of this name formed the Triple Alliance with Austria Hungary & Germany in the late 19th century
26 San Diego's El Indio restaurant claims Ralph Pesqueira created these diminutive items by adapting flautas


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Latest Questions

# Questions
1 The belief that members of the highest social ranks are duty-bound to help the poor is the crux of this 2-word French phrase
2 Weena an Eloi & Morlocks as the main guy really gets around
3 The name of this great river comes from words meaning place to paddle in the language of the Warao of Venezuela
4 A cow's cud-chewing ways gave us this word meaning to slowly think something over
5 Dr. Brodsky & Dim a Droog until he's very much not a Droog
6 On Truth Hurts Lizzo rhymes fresh photos with the bomb lighting & new man on this NFL team
7 This term for a dashing swordsman comes from his practice of striking his own shield with his sword during combat
8 Aptly 3 scientists shared the 1995 chemistry prize for work on this atmospheric gas made of 3 oxygen atoms
9 Charles Cheswick a patient who aids a rebellion at a mental ward & Miss Pilbow
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