Jeopardy February 23 2023 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy February 23 2023 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 For a special 1970s cookbook he provided one simple recipe‚Äďa can of Campbells tomato soup & 2 cans of milk
2 Details are sketchy on him; was he a 9th century B.C. guy? 8th? From ionia? Did he really create the 2 epic poems he's credited with?
3 Folks are divided on whether it's acceptable to wear the combo of socks & 'stocks 'stocks being these sandals
4 It lies on the Kansas River
5 In 2022 Christmas night was the eighth & last night of this Jewish holiday
6 On Jan. 1 1920 Harvard beat Oregon 7-6 in this annual game in Pasadena; you may be shocked to learn Harvard has not been back since
7 Idiomatically you do this at straws in making a feeble argument
8 We have a theorem about this guy who was born in Ionia around 570 B.C.: a2 + B2 = c2
9 Stylish for summer it's the type of hat one girl is wearing & also an item the other girl is carrying
10 It's about 90 miles from San Francisco
11 Blessed be the one who knows this sermon in Matthew opens with 8 Beatitudes
12 The sooner the better! Baker Mayfield & Kyler Murray won back-to-back Heismans QBing for this school
13 This pencil product can also be used as an industrial lubricant
14 The first great civilization to emerge around Greece flourished circa 2000 B.C. with the Minoans on this island
15 In 1912 the New York Times said the Yankees were natty in new uniforms with this pattern still classic for men's suits
16 Daniel Boone's grave is in this Kentucky capital
17 The screenwriter of Dodgeball found ESPN2 The Deuce funny so he came up with ESPN8 known as this
18 Currently a chief part of the NFL he threw for 5052 yards & 41 TDs in his last year at Texas Tech in 2016
19 It can mean to wrestle or to cope with a difficult problem
20 In the long run you'll know General Miltiades lost only around 200 men & the Persians 6400 in the 5th century B.C. Battle of this
21 On the golf course or off channel your inner preppy with socks featuring this diamond-shaped pattern
22 It's home to the Clinton Presidential Library & Museum
23 More than 40 million people live in the Dhaka Division one of 8 in this Asian country
24 By the end of the 2020-21 season this head coach had won 6 national championships with the University of Alabama
25 The Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall is sculpted from this durable rock
26 This 400s B.C. physician had a school at Cos where he taught for fees; no word on if he had a loan program
27 Look for clothes & shoes in this vivid purplish red named for an Italian town; Pantone named it 2023's color of the year
28 It's about midway between Yellowstone & Glacier National Parks
29 Australia's Ivy League the group of 8 includes the universities of Sydney Adelaide & this city in Victoria
30 It's a real cat fight at the Bayou Classic with the Jaguars of Southern Univ. facing the Tigers of this state univ. of Louisiana
31 A top music industry award gets its name from this old-time record player with a big horn
32 It's known as Earth's twin but it has surface temperatures over 800 degrees Fahrenheit
33 The future's not so dark; no need to rhymingly be all doom & this
34 A Buckeye by birth R.L. Stine also attended this university where he edited the Sundial
35 From 1588 to 1629 Abbas the Great was shah of this country & its empire
36 The bons temps always rouler when the Krewe of Rex rolls uptown during this annual event
37 What doesn't kill you makes you this sang Kelly Clarkson; it also makes a fighter
38 There are about 6 trillion miles in one of these units of space distance
39 If you're angry you're hot under this clothing item
40 Growing up in an LDS family it's not surprising that Stephenie Meyer attended this university in Provo
41 These Easterners were poised to invade Western Europe in 1241 when the death of their supreme leader called them back
42 In 1970 15-year-old Mike Towry co-founded this San Diego event that has become a pop culture phenomenon
43 Don't you come around my way you can't hang around my block she warned on Bodak Yellow
44 With perihelion on July 28 it will be seen again from Earth in 2061 when all of you are looking back on your youthful hopes
45 You can leave in a cab or in an Uber but please not in this bad mood also a verb meaning to blow
46 Nicholas Sparks provides scholarships to & internships at his alma mater this school home of the Fighting Irish
47 Atahualpa last emperor of the Inca was captured & executed by this conquistador in 1533
48 On Groundhog Day 2022 this notable rodent (who learned not to drive angry!) saw his shadow & predicted 6 more weeks of winter
49 Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting is one of many many hits by this still flamboyant classic rocker
50 A cluster of young stars this group of astronomical siblings includes Electra Maia & Alcyone
51 Take one K out of a word meaning to sneak & you get this to be silently bitter
52 He modeled Gravesend Academy in A Prayer for Owen Meany after his alma mater Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire
53 Greek cities of the 3rd century B.C. formed the Achaean League to expel invaders from this kingdom of Philip & Alexander
54 In 2023 this film festival returned to in-person and the attendees were dressed for yuletide in January
55 Rachel Platten's Fight Song appeared on the 2014 How the 'A' Stole Christmas episode of this show & then became a Top 10 hit
56 The Herschel an infrared telescope then the largest sent into space was launched in 2009 by this Paris-HQed NASA counterpart
57 You seem this from the Latin for to put in motion & used to describe patients in a disturbed state
58 This Pulitzer winner for The Underground Railroad has a degree from Harvard & received the 2018 Harvard Arts medal
59 From the 16th to the 19th centuries the Huron peoples were in conflict with this multi-tribe confederacy to the east
60 The jazz festival named for these L.A. towers built by Simon Rodia has been grooving annually since 1976
61 Who the baddest? It don't matter 'cause we at your throat this 3-letter guy raps on Enemy his collaboration with Imagine Dragons


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# Questions
1 Gilbert Baker created the Rainbow Flag & this man rode in a parade with one shortly before his 1978 assassination
2 October 14 1912 on his way to a campaign rally in Milwaukee Wisconsin
3 Puttin' On The Ritz (1974)
4 In the Gallery of Borghese Caravaggio's portrait of this saint shows him with his head still on his shoulders
5 The main flag on a warship is called this also a rank in the Navy
6 August 22 1962 when his luxury Citroen was attacked near Paris
7 When You Wish Upon A Star(1940)
8 Roman ceilings walls & floors display this type of art made of bits of material; you can walk on fine examples in Ostia
9 A seminal L.A. punk band of the 1980s or what a NASCAR driver gets if he's caught speeding on pit road
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