Jeopardy February 22 2023 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy February 22 2023 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Thought to descend from people of Southeast Asia the Chamorro make up this U.S. territorys largest ethnic group
2 Though Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands the seat of government is in this city
3 Dr. Stephen Strange 2016 & 2022
4 I know I want the Flamin' Hot kind of these snacks; the question is:Crunchy or puffs?
5 It's the animal in the name of the unit equivalent to 33000 foot-pounds of work per minute
6 In 2017 this Anaheim theme park stopped stamping the hands of exiting guests who wanted to return; now it takes photos
7 No joke Whoopi Goldberg considered using the stage name Whoopi this
8 Carmen is set in this city; The Marriage of Figaro takes place nearby
9 The conflicted Ben Solo/Kylo Ren 2015 2017 & 2019
10 I might be in the mood for a Fuji or a Gala one of these
11 In an Oscar-winning 2020 documentary this sea creature was a Teacher
12 The Brits call this type of airline ticket a return
13 Meaning with distinction it follows summa & magna in college honors
14 Seen here is some merrymaking in this capital of Bavaria
15 Gandalf sometimes grey sometimes white 6 times starting in 2001
16 Noshing at AMC Theatres can include this appetizer tortilla chips & melted cheese
17 If you've taken biology you've probably studied Drosphila these alliterative winged insects
18 Set in a high school the '70s TV series Welcome Back Kotter made this no-longer-high school-age star a star
19 Grab a broom--it's the [Mayim laughs] sport being played here
20 Since 1578 a sacred 14-foot linen shroud has been preserved in a cathedral in this city
21 Dominic Toretto 7 times so far since 2001
22 Rold Gold & Snyder's of Hanover both make these snacks
23 This Russian physiologist trained many breeds of dogs to reflexively salivate at the sound of noises they associated with food
24 The citizens of St. Louis lined the riverbank to welcome this pair back on September 23 1806
25 From the French it' S a Q uiet dead end street weather alert sevei-e thunderstorms wih be near. shamrook around 120s PM ost.
26 Warsaw lies on both banks of this river the longest in Poland
27 Pete Maverick Mitchell 1986 & 2022
28 How about a handful of these Hawaiian nuts commonly paired with white chocolate in cookies
29 This Nobel-winning physicist came up with a thought experiment involving a cat & whether or not it's alive
30 Still in quarantine after splashing down the Apollo 11 astronauts were welcomed back by this president
31 Sumerian & Akkadian were 2 of the main languages to be written in this ancient wedge-shaped script
32 (I'm Troian Bellisario.) Considering my first name maybe I was predestined to attend this university's school of dramatic arts where I earned a fine arts degree. Fight on Trojans!
33 Mainland Australia has 3 of these ranging from UTC +8 to TUC-+10
34 In 1964 he won in a landslide over Barry Goldwater
35 Its main campus in West Lafayette Indiana includes the Krannert School of Management
36 A legacy of its colonial past Burundi's currency is this divided into 100 centimes
37 Lincoln defeated this Illinois senator
38 Gertrude Stein is credited with giving this bleak nickname to a group of young writers alienated from post-World War I society
39 An act of sheer madness or idiocy
40 This Boston school of music is named for its second president; his first & last names were reversed
41 No shorts or miniskirts if you want to get into this Vatican chapel constructed from 1473 to 1481\
42 Grover Cleveland would have his revenge on this victor
43 Poet & playwright Amiri Baraka is considered the founder of this 1960s & '70s movement BAM for short
44 North Carolina State University's Memorial Bell Tower is seen with the skyline of this city behind it
45 The Hawthorne-Longfellow Library is at this private college in Brunswick Maine
46 Remember to drive on the left in this country once known as Ceylon
47 He waxed Wendell Willkie in wartime
48 1621's Anatomy of this sad mood rhymes All my griefs to this are jolly
49 One of the Claremont Colleges it's named for a mining engineer & focuses on engineering science & math
50 Say yes to grandma when she wants to take you on a cruise to the stretch of the Yucatan coast invitingly called the Mayan this
51 Samuel J. Tilden beat him in the popular vote but did not become president Tilden
52 A camera mounted on a cart is used for this type of movie shot in moving toward a subject or out for the reverse


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# Questions
1 Developing gradually in infants it's the awareness that things still exist even when you can't see them
2 One of Plato's 7 wise men of Greece this statesman who reformed Athens' laws laid the foundations for democracy
3 A medieval watchtower stands guard near the Guadalquivir as it flows in this city
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5 Sen. Robert Byrd said the survival of our constitutional system is based on the delicate mechanism of this pair
6 The idyllic school Hailsham harbors grotesque deeds in Never Let Me Go from this Japanese-born author
7 Dating back to ancient times these tall mobile constructions were rolled up against wall defenses to launch an attack
8 The Hanging Gardens was one of many building projects credited to this king of Babylon who also appears in the book of Daniel
9 Tall twin towers in Kuala Lumpur bear the name of this gas company
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