Jeopardy February 19 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy February 19 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 The glittering Crystal Palace was the centerpiece of the first modern World's Fair this city's 1851 Great Exhibition
2 This type of theater has its own long-length glove
3 In the 1700-1721 Great Northern War Russia Denmark & Poland ganged up on this rival across the Baltic
4 This word is from Japanese for harbor wave & it's a biiiiig one
5 Michael Scott Dwight Schrute Pam Beesly
6 You can bet The Lottery is a good example of this genre of brief narratives usually under 10000 words
7 This was the main attraction of the 1889 Paris Exposition; it also served as the entrance
8 The name of this boxing tournament comes from a small metallic charm in the shape of a boxing glove awarded to winners
9 International Brigades of volunteers from the U.S. & Europe fought on the Republican side of this 1930s conflict
10 Characters for endure & person combine to make this word for a stealthy warrior
11 Jackie Darlene & Dan Roseanne's widower
12 The story of the Good Samaritan in the Bible's book of Luke is one of these simple narratives with a moral or religious purpose
13 The 1893 Chicago World's Fair introduced this word for a central avenue of exhibits & amusements
14 To prevent allergic reactions in 2008 the Johns Hopkins Hospital banned the use of gloves made of this rubber product
15 In the 1860s War of the Triple Alliance Argentina Brazil & Uruguay left this landlocked foe in ruins
16 You sing along to a pre-recorded backing track in this form of entertainment with a Japanese name
17 Georgie Meemaw the kid version of Mr. Cooper
18 Alliterative 2-word name for fanciful stories about folks like Paul Bunyan with unbelievable elements presented as true & factual
19 A 1939 New York World's Fair diorama predicting the look of the city in 1960 was called this later a long-running animated TV series
20 Right-handed participants in this hunting sport wear a leather glove on the left hand for the hawk to land on
21 In the 1700s there were Wars of the Austrian this & the Spanish this
22 Characters meaning before & life combine to make this 6-letter word for a teacher who would usually be older than you
23 Charlie Kelly Frank Reynolds Mac
24 E.L. James gained fame with this type of writing that puts the writer's favorite characters from books TV etc. in new adventures
25 Exhibits at Osaka's 1970 World Expo included one of these microscopes capable of magnifying objects 500000 times
26 It's the 8-letter word for the steel-covered glove in a suit of armor
27 This prime minister successfully schemed to start the 1866 Seven Weeks' War & make Prussia Europe's big dog
28 Enjoy a latte made from this traditional Japanese green tea powder
29 Regine Hunter Maxine Shaw & Queen Latifah as Khadijah James
30 Meaning not proceeding from event A to event B to event C this non word applies to Tristram Shandy & House of Leaves
31 Bill Hader was the voice of Mr. Peanut for this food brand
32 Ireland celebrates this March 17th as a national holiday
33 It used to mean the writing of books; now it's a list
34 The New Yorker's Barry Blitt won the 2020 prize in the category called this type of cartooning that expresses a point of view
35 This word for a biblical narrative about the life of Jesus Christ means good story
36 Concerted revolt against... the lawful commands of a superior officer especially at sea
37 This funnyman & 9-time Oscar host voiced Mike in Monsters Inc. & Monsters University
38 It remains the only country with a Communist government in the Americas
39 The science of mapmaking
40 Our Town won him the 1938 Drama Prize
41 When talking about bears in Spanish this color is pardo; about sugar moreno
42 Allocation of treatment to... disaster victims according to a system of priorities... to maximize the number of survivors
43 He was the voice of Dodger baseball for 67 seasons before hanging up the mic in 2016
44 This country is divided into more than 20 provinces including Guayas & Galapagos
45 The art of producing formal lettering with a brush or a pen
46 Here he is leaving the luncheon after accepting his 2018 Music Prize
47 In a classic song these cowboy boot accessories Jingle Jangle Jingle
48 Decorative fringe or the art of tying knots in patterns
49 He overcame a stutter to voice such characters as Mufasa & Darth Vader
50 Just prior to gaining its independence in 1971 Bangladesh was known by this 2-word directional name
51 Emmanuel Lubezki has won 3 Oscars in this category
52 The 2015 Biography Prize went to a study of Pope Pius XI's relations with this dictator down the street
53 In 1981 nearly 12000 of these federal employees were permanently grounded after they walked off the job
54 Latin literally voice of the people
55 This dame has given voice to Gru's mom the queen in the Shrek sequels & also Karathen in Aquaman
56 With more than 200 million people it's the most populous country in Africa & by 2050 its population is expected to double
57 The T in CAT scan it's a method of using electromagnetic waves to produce an image of an internal structure
58 Bruce Catton took the 1954 History Prize for his book titled A Stillness at this fateful place
59 This city that's just south of Turin in Italy's Piedmont region is known for its sparkling wine
60 A local or regional meeting of party members to choose candidates


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