Jeopardy February 18 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy February 18 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Muskrats & hamsters are both members of this order of animals
2 It's defined as a cross depicting the body of Jesus upon it
3 Fun places to visit in this California city include the Exploratorium & Ghiradelli Square
4 Folgers Classic Roast is available as this quick type of coffee
5 This product got a boost in 1908 when it was mentioned in Take Me Out To The Ballgame
6 The hunky astronaut in this singer's 2000 Oops!... I Did It Again video became an orthopedic surgeon
7 Mammals are subdivided into placentals monotremes & this group like the wombat
8 It's the ecclesiastical jurisdiction & territory administered by an archbishop
9 Once the state capital this city in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country ranks as one of the best places to retire
10 Having trouble converting ounces to pounds? Ask Alexa from this company & you'll get the answer in a snap
11 3-word metaphor for what a boss needs to do to get unruly disobedient workers in line
12 After Hours is a 2020 album by this artist seen here who also had a cameo in the Adam Sandler film Uncut Gems
13 Once valued for its fur this member of the weasel family is at home in the snow
14 This popular 13th century saint was honored with his image on a U.S. stamp in 1982
15 West Virginia's capital & this Carolina port city of the same name are about 500 miles apart & named for different people
16 The camera seen here from this company founded by Edwin Land was known to get you your picture in a snap so shake it
17 A witticism; you hear a lot of them from fast-talkin' dames in 1930s movies
18 On the charts for quite a while in 1998 The Boy Is Mine was a hit duet for Monica & this other one-named gal
19 Spelunkers often encounter chiropterans these mammals
20 Other than Sundays the days each year on which the faithful are expected to attend mass are called Holy Days of this
21 Named for a Native American game it's Wisconsin's largest city on the Mississippi
22 This alliterative Intuit product helps people easily and accurately file with the IRS
23 An 1878 dime novel was titled Kit Carson Jr. this type of marksman of the West
24 Blasphemous Rumours is a classic track from this British electronic pop band
25 Take a Michigander at this mammal but don't get too close
26 The 14 stations of the cross represent events from Jesus' Passion; number six recounts his meeting with this woman
27 This city north of Anchorage rivals Juneau as Alaska's second-most populous city
28 Dinner's a snap with this device around for centuries; it traps steam to produce food above the boiling point of water
29 A container a restaurant or a type of plainspoken philosophy
30 The late Brad Nowell of this band sang hits like What I Got & Santeria before dying in 1996
31 The angst-ridden Holden Caulfield
32 Ask Dr. her follows her journey from Holocaust survivor to sex therapist
33 The flag of this other country appears in an upper corner of New Zealand's flag
34 In the early '80s punks & hardcore fans were slam dancing; then came this pit
35 At the Council of Clermont in 1095 Pope Urban II called for the first of these
36 Brought by the last 3 manned missions vehicles called these are still there & ready to go
37 Her in The Hunger Games trilogy
38 The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters is a comical documentary about 2 rivals trying to outdo each other at this video game
39 Afghanistan is up there with U.S. breadbasket states in producing this & has sheaves of it on its flag
40 This old verb got a new meaning in the '80s: to pass a credit card through a reader
41 A 1958 economic union joined Belgium Luxembourg & the Netherlands known as these countries due to their elevation
42 A gold replica of one of these natural symbols of peace
43 Patrick Bateman in this author's American Psycho
44 In the 2019 sequel to this 2004 film Morgan Spurlock turns his focus from McDonald's to the fast food chicken industry
45 In a nod to its Irish settlers Montserrat's flag shows a woman in green holding one of these musical instruments
46 Described as senior advisers to the candidates these faux MDs first appeared in a 1984 news story
47 From the 13th to the 15th centuries Lubeck a port city on this sea was The Queen of the Hanseatic League
48 What if the Soviets got to the Moon First? is the premise of Apple TV+' show For All Mankind a title from a plaque left by this mission
49 5-year-old Jack in this bestseller by Emma Donoghue
50 This controversial filmmaker looked at gun violence in America with Bowling for Columbine
51 Kyrgyzstan's flag depicts one of these tentlike dwellings of central Asian nomads
52 The early '80s gave us the computer words notebook & this other portable kind
53 After Vaclav Havel resigned as president in 1992 a Velvet Divorce split this country in 2
54 Thanks to Alan Shepard 2 of these small sports items
55 A guy with this first name the same as the author in the multi-part Remembrance of Things Past
56 Michelle & Barack Obama produced this 2019 documentary about an Ohio GM plant repurposed by a Chinese auto glass maker
57 St. Pierre & Miquelon's flag depicts the ship of this man who claimed the islands for France in 1535
58 A 1981 New York Times letter coined this hyphenated numerical term in reference to Wendy Wasserstein born 1950
59 In 1919 this country gained South Tyrol & Trieste from Austria-Hungary
60 A feather & a hammer dropped by an astronaut in 1971 confirming a theory of this man four centuries before


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