Jeopardy February 15 2024 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy February 15 2024 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 2024-02-15
2 Well-preserved sections of it run about 5500 miles from Mount Hu near Dandong to Jiayu Pass in the Gansu province
3 Andrew Jackson appears on the bill of this denomination
4 The process of photosynthesis converts water & carbon dioxide into organic compounds & this gas
5 She sorts her songs based on the pens used to write them: fountain quill or glitter gel; You Need To Calm Down is glitter gel
6 If you're a rich guy in an old movie such as Gilda you keep your important papers in a wall safe behind this
7 Collective term for the traditional legends of a culture handed down orally
8 To the north Minnesota is bordered by Manitoba & this other province
9 Titles in the book series featuring this protagonist include The Titan's Curse & The Battle of the Labyrinth
10 It's the branch of chemistry that studies elements & compounds containing little or no carbon i.e. nonliving stuff
11 We are rabbit fans of this performer born Benito Martinez Ocasio in Puerto Rico in 1994
12 Dating back to the 1870s it's the usual term for a burglar specializing in opening safes
13 A retailer's primary location or for Sir Francis Drake the Pelican
14 This largest city in Uganda was originally built on 7 hills at about 4000 feet up
15 Economists get a taste of the outdoors at the Central Banking annual conferences in Jackson Hole in this state
16 It's the general term for a chemical process that converts a substance into a different one; give us your gut...
17 Of course fireworks burst across the sky-y-y in her video for Firework
18 In 2023 the Commerce Department lifted tariffs on this type of safe that helps protect children in many homes
19 This word meaning spontaneous is also the name of the channel that's home to the show grown-ish
20 Once you come ashore from this gulf you can enjoy the delights of Haiphong
21 Randy Rhoads helped create the Jackson brand of these now owned by Fender
22 Mg is magnesium; Mn is this element
23 She's named in honor of her grandfather William; the rest of her name is Pirate Baird O'Connell
24 To secure winnings Vegas hotels with room safes include this one on the downtown street of the same name once Nevada's tallest
25 Found in Teflon this dangerous gas has the symbol F
26 The name of this fortress in Granada Spain gets its name from Arabic for the red one
27 New Orleans-born Mahalia Jackson The Queen of this music style sang at JFK's inauguration
28 This unit with an animal name is used to measure extremely large numbers of atoms & other tiny particles
29 This rapper is like totally from the San Fernando Valley
30 A guard posted to say Who goes there? to possible intruders; here he is as the logo of a safe company founded in 1930
31 The theme for Bolero came to Ravel while on vacation but he originally titled it this other dance
32 Jefferson sent James Monroe to France to buy this port city & West Florida for $10 mil max; Napoleon said how about all of Louisiana for 15?
33 This icon the focus of a blockbuster film & a Mattel mainstay made it onto Forbes' list of the most powerful women of 2023
34 In 1956 Harry Coover received a patent for alcohol-catalyzed cyano-acrylate adhesive compositions or just Super this
35 According to the U.S. Geological Survey of all the continents this one has the fewest earthquakes
36 Sir Alec Guinness won a Tony for his performance in this play about poet Thomas not musician Bob
37 Containing a veggie it completes the saying Hell hath no fury like a woman...
38 The 6th century Peloponnesian League was a coalition of city-states led by this one big on the military
39 He briefly played in the minors in Baltimore before the Red Sox & his 1914 rookie card recently sold for more than $7 million
40 The pillar kind of this device loved by dogs was invented by... uh... we dunno; an early patent was ironically lost in a blaze
41 In 1968 this NYC school dropped of Music from its name to reflect its broader scope that includes dance & drama
42 In this play named for a Danish city the spirits of Heisenberg & Niels Bohr come together to discuss a meeting they once had there
43 There's a fruit inside this word meaning marked with small patches such as of sunlight
44 In 1994 U.S. diplomats got this country's deposed President Aristide reinstated just in time to head off an invasion
45 In 2009 it was revealed that Joy is the first name of this pancake syrup spokescharacter
46 Inventor Dan Klitsner said he was working on a zany remote control for kids when he came up with this '90s hit toy
47 More than 6000 athletes from some 40 countries compete in these games the Olympics of the Western Hemisphere
48 It ends with Malcolm saying So thanks to all at once and to each one whom we invite to see us crowned at scone
49 There's lunch meat nestled in this cloth used for polishing
50 In 2023 Saudi Arabia resumed diplomatic work in this other Arab country a decade after ending it due to the long Civil War
51 The leg warmers may be gone but 50 years after Judi Sheppard Missett founded this dance & fitness franchise it's still going strong
52 In 1978 Julio Palmaz heard a talk about the problem of arteries re-closing after surgery & invented this tube to hold them open
53 With a Russian name meaning union & launched in the '60s it's the longest operational manned spacecraft program in history
54 The musical My Fair Lady was based on this play by George Bernard Shaw
55 The English word for unagi is inside this old pirate torture where you got dragged by ropes under the ship
56 In 1956 this U.N. Secretary-General from Sweden worked with Canada's Lester Pearson to resolve the Suez Crisis
57 Miyawaki is the last name of the Your Best American Girl indie rock goddess who goes by this single name
58 Puppets dancing to steel drums in Port of Spain on this island inspired the design of those wiggly tube dudes in front of car dealers
59 The youngest veep at 36 John Breckinridge served under this president before running against Lincoln for president
60 This 2005 Pulitzer Prize winner by John Patrick Shanley is set in a Bronx Catholic school in 1964
61 Help yourself to a piece of dessert within this word meaning lack of reverence


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1 Featured in a 2020 film she gets her name from a 16th c. Italian stock character who often wore diamond-patterned outfits
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3 Plumbers should know that the PE in PEX pipes stands for this the most widely used plastic in the world
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9 This rhyming device helps suck water from basements or crawl spaces
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