Jeopardy February 14 2023 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy February 14 2023 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 1946: This city is Vacuum Tube Valley when ENIAC the 1st general purpose digital computer is demonstrated at U. Penn there
2 Beginning in 1778 Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun painted some 30 portraits of this queen including the one seen here
3 The Ohio state tree is this one also associated with the Ohio State University
4 This type of rat lives up to its marsupial name jumping up to 9 feet at a time to escape predators
5 Design for living (& working): REACT THRU ICE
6 Starring Anna Paquin it has been shown as Sangre verdadera & Sangre fresca
7 1876: Lawyer Marcellus Bailey files a patent on behalf of his client for improvement in telegraphy this invention
8 The inscription on her portrait in the National Portrait Gallery erroneously says she's the wife of Thomas Rolfe instead of John
9 Visit this state to see its Black Hills spruce
10 At the 2020 Olympics Pedro P. Pichardo leaped & bounded & leaped a long way to win this event--almost 59 feet
11 A business class: KEG ARM TIN
12 La casa de entierro it's the kind of establishment where A dos metros bajo tierra took place
13 1967: Aretha Franklin enters a NYC studio to record this Otis Redding song adding the sock it to mes & other elements
14 The portrait of this author seen here was based on a sketch made by her sister Cassandra
15 Massachusetts' state tree is the American species of this tree that can grow 100 feet tall
16 Commonly associated with African-American weddings is the ritual of jumping this cleaning aid
17 Sometimes abnormal: SHY COPY LOG
18 This '60s spy spoof has been shown as El superagente 86
19 1778: The U.S.S. Ranger captained by this man receives the first official salute to the stars & stripes flag by the French fleet
20 Seized by the Nazis this artist's Woman in Gold portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer now resides at the Neue Galerie in New York
21 Wisconsin & New York are both represented by the sugar species of this tree
22 A predominantly western U.S. steakhouse chain or one who seizes somebody else's land for mineral rights
23 Biofunction junction: OILY HOG SPY
24 Belleza y poder or Beauty & Power was what became of this fashion-set daytime soap
25 1835: Formation of the first Latter-day Saints leadership group known as the Quorum of the Twelve these
26 This 3-named American painter who lived abroad considered his portrait of Madame X to be his masterpiece
27 These 2 giant trees share the designation for the giant state of California
28 This means 2 very different things; 1) to fry something in very little oil & 2) any ballet jump like from 2 feet & landing on 2 feet
29 What are stars made of? COSY HARPISTS
30 This FX series with Dylan Walsh & Julian McMahon became A gplpe de bisturi bisturi meaning a scalpel
31 Apparently alright times 3 with the voters he won Best Supporting Male for Magic Mike in 2013
32 A nursery rhyme begins Sing a song of this amount
33 Hat ____or treat
34 Yo heave ho says the song of this Russian river's boatmen
35 The last of 4 runs for president by this consumer advocate was in 2008 with running mate Matt Gonzalez
36 His 2015 acceptance speech for Best Male Lead did not but should have included him saying in a threatening way I'm Birdman
37 The pound was divided into 20 of these colloquially called bob
38 The naked ____will out
39 It winds some 500 miles from the Cote d'Or to Le Havre
40 On his third try in 1981 François Mitterrand became the first French president representing this quite gauche party
41 A question sung & asked by Mr. Rogers for decades was the title of this documentary winner about the man in 2019
42 You'll find R-E-I-G-N in this word for a gold one-pound coin depicting one who reigned
43 The dogs of ____of attrition
44 One of the world's largest freshwater fish at almost 10 feet in length the pirarucu is found in this river system
45 This newspaperman didn't raise much Kane in losing runs for NYC mayor state governor & then mayor again all in a 4-year span
46 Seen here this actress won for her direction of The Lost Daughter at the 2022 awards
47 A pound note or the Latin word for what
48 Feet of ____pigeon
49 Texas' Declaration of Independence was signed in Washington-- Washington-on- this river named for the arms of God
50 India's Congress (this letter) Party formed in 1978; the letter for the 1st name of the woman who soon regained a seat in parliament
51 In 2011 Dale Dickey won Best Supporting Female for supporting this female who played Ree in Winter's Bone
52 The time is out of____venture
53 In 1966 the Po produced devastating floods like this Florentine river the same year
54 In 1965 he entered politics & won a seat as the member for Mount Royal; 3 years later he was prime minister of Canada


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# Questions
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