Jeopardy December 08 2020 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy December 08 2020 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Frederick Muhlenberg was first to hold this congressional job & join the line of presidential succession (spoiler Fred was never prez)
2 Its location at 18 Broad Street near Wall Street was designated a national historic landmark in 1978
3 Before island this 6-letter word means uninhabited not arid & sandy
4 The world's longest suspension bridge got a couple of feet longer during construction as this 1995 event in Japan shifted its towers
5 Alamut a 1938 novel by Vladimir Bartol about fanatical killers inspired the hit video game this Creed
6 Add -ed to this item from the toolbox to describe your twisted back
7 Extreme nationalism & authoritarian government are features of this ideology employed by Italy from 1922 to 1943
8 In 1923 the London Stock Exchange adopted the motto dictum meum pactum my word is my this 4-letter promise
9 Tabula rasa is often translated as this 5-letter slate
10 The Chaban-Delmas vertical-lift bridge in the port of Bordeaux signals in blue when this is high
11 Based on Hamlet Elsinore has you play as this character; perhaps you might not drown
12 Twisted strands of fiber such as jute can be made into a ball of this string
13 In 1453 Sultan Mehmet II ended the Byzantine Empire by leading the Ottomans to the capture of this capital city today's Istanbul
14 The Minneapolis Grain Exchange is the place to go if you're looking to trade some HRSW hard red spring this
15 An available job or hotel room
16 The NYC Dept. of Transportation tries not to do major work at the same time on the Brooklyn & this next bridge up the East River
17 In the mobile game based on this 1873 novel you can end up with a different itinerary than the one Jules Verne created
18 This baked good is used to describe very confusing twisted logic
19 As a teen he had senator Seneca & Burrus of the military lead Rome but over time wanted to fiddle around more himself
20 Germany's biggest stock exchange is in this financial capital on the Main
21 CBS News called the emptying of East Coast states before Hurricane Floyd the biggest peacetime this in U.S. history
22 Not everything in this city is 500 years old--the Constitution Bridge over the Grand Canal opened in 2008
23 With flowing white hair Geralt of Rivia is a monster slayer in this video game series based on the stories of Andrzej Sapkowski
24 Let's get biblical with these trees of the Southwest noted for their twisted branches
25 In the 1820s he introduced a Cherokee syllabary of 85 characters
26 TAIFEX is the Taiwan exchange for these advance contracts for the buying & selling of commodities
27 In Genesis 1:2 the earth was without form and this
28 The Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge in this South American capital is named for the 20th century leader behind the building of the city
29 Andrew Ryan the industrialist villain in Bioshock was inspired by this female author with the same initials
30 You can make one of these named for a German mathematician by giving a half twist to a strip of paper & attaching the ends
31 The Abrahamic Religions tells about the relationship of these 3 major religions
32 The Encyclopedia Britannica calls it the greatest land bargain in U.S. history
33 Lead-meltingly hot it's the planet with the most volcanoes
34 Found in the Bloomsbury District this museum has a giant head from Easter Island & a Sutton Hoo burial helmet
35 The croissant this Pretty Woman is eating somehow becomes a pancake seconds later
36 Alexander Pushkin was mortally wounded in one of these
37 The book on this scientific concept calls it the weakest of nature's four fundamental forces
38 Secretary of State William Seward negotiated the purchase of this 600000-square-mile region
39 It has the solar system's largest moon
40 Cape Town's Zeitz MOCAA was once this type of storage building; the atrium was shaped like a grain of corn in the architect's eye
41 Pretty sure ancient Romans didn't have gas canisters under their chariots but there was one visible in this Russell Crowe film
42 It's French for what the dancer seen here is doing
43 Film Music reports that Paul Simon wrote new music for this 1967 film but that Mike Nichols mostly used Paul's old songs
44 The Newlands Resolution of 1898 brought these islands under formal U.S. control
45 It's home to the solar system's highest mountain Olympus Mons
46 Vent Haven Museum in Fort Mitchell Kentucky is dedicated to the art of using these puppets like Charlie McCarthy
47 In Tombstone rain pours down on this Kurt Russell character but just ahead up the street we see it's completely dry
48 To do this to a jury means to hold it away from outside news media & the public
49 Bestsellers says the paperback revolution of the '60s began with cheap copies of this 1928 D.H. Lawrence novel
50 An 1846 treaty with Britain brought the U.S. this territory encompassing 3 present Pacific Northwest states
51 It's the windiest planet with storms like the Great Dark Spot observed by Voyager 2
52 Grant Wood's American Gothic resides at the Art Institute of this city built for the Columbian Exposition of 1893
53 In 1955 Marty plays a Gibson ES-345 guitar but that hadn't been made yet--maybe there was an extra trip in this 1985 pic
54 It's where 2 or more rivers flow together to become one
55 A Very Short Introduction to him says that like Marx & Freud this 18th c. economist's work is more invoked than it is read
56 This 1853 purchase added nearly 30000 square miles to the Southwest United States
57 It's the farthest planet from the Sun that was known before the use of telescopes in the 1600s
58 Botticelli's Birth of Venus is on display at this gallery in Florence
59 Continuity errors like changing weather in Rutger Hauer's death scene were fixed in Ridley Scott's Final Cut of this film
60 Similar to decrescendo in music it means to gradually play more softly


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