Jeopardy August 12 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy August 12 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 To open a safe rotate the lock dial to this sequence of numbers
2 August 1934: known as The Rock it opens & Frank Bolt gets prisoner number 1
3 Sometimes combined with guess it means to calculate approximately the amount of something
4 It's the gulf in Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College
5 In 2001 Time Warner was acquired by this Internet company for $111 billion; that did not work out so well
6 Mike Tyson who wanted his tiger back favored us with his rendition of In The Air Tonight in this 2009 comedy
7 This type of car key named for a parking pro operates the doors & ignition but not the storage compartment locks
8 August 1935: Note the grinning 66-year-old as this act providing a system of benefits becomes law
9 From Greek for existing at the same time it's to match one's actions to the timing of another's
10 Bordering Central America this South American country has a coastline on both the Atlantic & the Pacific
11 This women's college formally merged with Harvard in 1999
12 This late comic handing out compliments in Caddyshack: Hey baby... you must have been something before electricity
13 The part of a key that enters a lock cylinder is called this like the part of a sword that enters a foe
14 August 1875: Matthew Webb makes the first unaided swim from this British town to Calais
15 Lyft says 45% of Americans have a gig on the side to do this to their income
16 The southern shores of Bangladesh welcome the waters of this 800000-square-mile bay known for its monsoons
17 With many players serving in World War II NFL teams from these 2 cities in the same state merged to form the Steagles
18 We'll have a side of Beef Tobin a single dad in Alaska voiced by Nick Offerman in this Fox cartoon
19 Pins & levers are types of these moving parts that must be properly aligned before a lock will open
20 August 1990: Sue Hendrickson discovers a 40-foot-long skeleton of this
21 In psychology to contribute to a loved one's pathological behavior
22 Named for its 2 distinct regions this Canadian province on the Atlantic is the most easterly part of North America
23 This hybrid breed is the result of having a poodle & a Cocker Spaniel as parents
24 In 2021 Randy Watson the lead singer of Sexual Chocolate hit Amazon Prime in this sequel to a 1988 film
25 The U-shaped part of a padlock that fits around an item to be locked is called this also a word for a manacle or leg iron
26 August 1977 Arktika this appropriate type of vessel is the first surface ship at the North Pole
27 An alternate term for a crossroads takes its name in part from this verb meaning what happens when 2 lines cross each other
28 The name of its capital translates to Freetown in this coastal nation highlighted here independent from France since 1960
29 Get C H & O together in the right proportions & you've got this gasoline additive also called ethyl alcohol
30 A vampire named Laszlo became regular human bartender Jackie Daytona on this FX mockumentary
31 Mao's attempts to reform this party resulted in an estimated 1.5 million deaths during the Revolution
32 A literal fairy tale that gets to the bottom of things with a triple wedding
33 To find the area of a sector of a circle the formula is seen here but fill in this missing number
34 Appropriately the last track of her When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go? is Goodbye
35 Mao started the Revolution partly over fears he would be deposed after Brezhnev replaced this Soviet leader in 1964
36 Laertes gets the short end of the (poisoned) stick
37 It's a statement of a relationship such as greater than or less than; it's also a socioeconomic issue
38 Related to peaches & nectarines this smaller relative that's a good source of vitamin A can be pronounced with a long or a short A
39 Stepdad was part of this Michigan man's Music to Be Murdered By
40 Traditionally the headdress seen here is worn by this person
41 In 1966 Chairman Mao swam across this long river at Wuhan to prove his strength
42 Mercutio says If love be blind love cannot hit the mark
43 Homotopy is when one shape can be continuously deformed into another; a circle is homotopic to this oval closed curve
44 Widely grown worldwide this protein-rich vegetable is seen here
45 Sweet Virginia & Loving Cup were on their 1972 classic Exile on Main Street
46 3 red diamonds make up the logo of this automaker
47 Also called Quotations from Chairman Mao this colorful book was carried by the Revolution's most zealous adherents
48 Tragically not giving a guy a promotion at work ends up inflaming a non-affair to remember
49 When the NBA's Steph Curry puts up a 3-point shot this point the apex of a parabola is about 16 feet above the floor
50 A national emblem of Wales is this vegetable related to the onion
51 The 2000 album Return of Saturn by this ska-pop band found Magic's In The Makeup
52 The word assassin goes back to a Muslim sect during the Crusades whose members were thought to be ritual users of this drug
53 Stripped of his post during the Revolution he came back to lead China starting in the late 1970s
54 Demetrius is among the many many casualties by the end & oh yeah... there's cannibalism!
55 In calculus this is defined as the instantaneous rate of change of a function so for a constant function (no change) it's 0
56 Langoustine is a shellfish; this similar word is a tropical fruit
57 On the Invisible Touch album in 1986 this trio tipped a Domino a nearly 11-minute song
58 Made from resins & oils this liquid is used on wood to protect it & make it shiny


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9 Comedian John Oliver's digs at Danbury Connecticut got the city to name a plant after him for treating this
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