Jeopardy August 06 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy August 06 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Washington made one of the first uses of this verb form of reconnaissance in English & ended it with an re like the British do
2 In 1940 Spain's Franco declined to join this group Germany Italy & Japan's alliance during the war
3 There was destruction in 2021 as King Kong tangled with this title kaiju favorite
4 Similar to mince it means to chop food into small cubes
5 The Interior Dept.'s National Park Service features this 1900-sq.-mile Arizona park much deeper in some parts than others
6 It's the end-of-the-alphabet activity seen here
7 Possibly shortened from godfather it first meant an elderly man of wisdom or skill; it's now a movie head electrician
8 Hitler committed suicide in his Berlin bunker on the last day of this 1945 month; 9 days later the war was over in Europe
9 I Can't do this by H.E.R. won the Grammy for Song of the Year in 2021
10 Culinary words for adding a last bit of color or flavor (mmm... parsley) include finish & this -ish verb
11 Around 1950 Interior assumed jurisdiction over American Samoa & this U.S. territory said to be Where America's Day Begins
12 This term for a pleasant way to take a meal is from the Italian for in the cool air
13 The original definition of this 6-letter word was a criminal stripped of legal protection--anyone could kill them
14 The 5-month battle of this city on the Volga halted the Nazi advance into Russia & turned the war's tide in the east
15 A 2021 miniseries had the Falcon team up with this seasonal guy
16 To pané a food is to coat it in these
17 The San Joaquin kit type of this canine was in the department's Class of 1967 the original endangered species list
18 Black's Law Dictionary says this 6-letter verb means to hang about & (do) nothing in a public place
19 This word is an abbreviation of stammlager meaning main camp
20 This battleship that participated in the Battle of Iwo Jima was the site of Japan's surrender
21 Unafraid of shows with initials in the title CBS has this drama; its spinoff was Most Wanted & International was planned for 2021
22 To soak meat for several hours in a mix of oil acid & flavorings--in the fridge never at room temp
23 The U.S. Grazing Service was one of the precursor agencies to this bureau that controls 245 million acres
24 We can go to the Safari Park of this California zoo & see the only platypuses in the United States
25 This term for your setting or environment is French for middle place
26 Charged with defending Normandy this former Afrika Korps commander was home in Germany on D-Day celebrating his wife's birthday
27 A doctor at 221B Baker Street puts this title group of youths to work in a recent Netflix show
28 To cook or stew gently just below the boiling point
29 Though her last name sounds like a European country this Interior Secretary is the first Native American to head a cabinet department
30 This mountaineering apparel company began in 1966 in San Francisco's North Beach
31 This character was introduced in a classic 1876 novel & got his own book 8 years later
32 The last known tarpan Equus ferus ferus a wild Russian type of this died in 1909
33 The university of this city is the largest in Serbia
34 The Other Boleyn Girl
35 Hyphenated last name of Cecil actor Daniel's dad who could rock a rhyme or 2 & had the British gig from 1968 to 1972
36 Attracted to the blue agave plant a bee is the logo of this tequila brand
37 IMDb's summary of the 1958 to 1962 Hanna-Barbera show about this canine--The adventures of a blue dog with a Southern accent
38 Poaching due to its horn led to the extinction of the West African black this by 2011
39 Canada's southernmost point lies on Middle Island in this Great Lake
40 First Knight
41 Dear lord! His In Memoriam was memorable enough to help him become Britain's laureate in 1850
42 Here are some of the goodies inside this type of French-named shop
43 If picking huckleberries in Montana be safe--it's estimated that in summer they make up half the diet of these animals
44 With feathers once favored in women's hats the Carolina variety of this bird was widespread in the eastern U.S. until around 1920
45 The spectacular Dynjandi waterfall is a highlight of the West Fjords Peninsula in this island nation
46 Patrick Stewart in Robin Hood: Men in Tights
47 The poet laureate of this state like Marie Howe receives the Walt Whitman Citation; Walt was from that state
48 This classic touch-&-feel book that Dorothy Kunhardt created for her daughter turned 80 in 2020
49 As Doc Holliday in Tombstone this actor says I'm your Huckleberry to Johnny Ringo
50 The Tecopa pupfish native to this California desert became extinct due to human development in the area
51 This African capital due south of Sicily got its name from a region with 3 ancient Phoenician cities
52 The Man in the Iron Mask
53 Named the first-ever National Youth Poet Laureate of the U.S. in 2017 she put in a Super Bowl appearance 4 years later
54 It's the greenish film that sometimes forms on copper & bronze exposed to the elements
55 Jailed in 1846 for not paying a poll tax this writer got out ran an errand picked huckleberries & was on the road to Civil Disobedience
56 Seen here is a fossil of one of these prehistoric fish lizards
57 Cotopaxi meaning shining peak is an active volcano in this South American nation
58 Braveheart: the bad guy
59 In 1986 this 3-named man who also wrote novels like All The King's Men became the first poet laureate consultant in poetry
60 It's a name derived from one's father like Johnson from John


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1 These 2 rivers share the names of countries end with the same 4 letters & both join up with the Parana River
2 Foremost of the Muses she was said to be mother to Orpheus
3 This American found variable stars in the Andromeda Nebula helping him figure its distance from Earth & getting it renamed a galaxy
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5 A 2018 book goes Inside the Mind of this right-wing political daughter the runner-up for French president in 2017 & 2022
6 Master improviser Walter Theodore Rollins
7 Born almost with the century in 1800 he was executed in 1859 on charges including treason against Virginia though he wasn't a Virginian
8 Tolkien wrote that these were for the Elven-kings under the sky
9 The incorporation of quantum theory in the 1913 atomic model of this Dane was groundbreaking
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