Jeopardy August 05 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy August 05 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 She gives her life in lyrics in Songteller:Well I've often said that my songs are my children and I expect them to support me when I'm old. Well I am old and they are!
2 Some were suspicious in 1560 when Amy Robsart died at 28 just when her husband the Earl of Leicester was hoping to marry this queen
3 I'm leavin' on a Jetta non-plane
4 This digit only has 2 phalanges
5 Notable in Japanese art a series of woodblock prints called Thirty-Six Views of this mountain were made in the 1800s
6 Precipitation coming down as a mixture of snow & rain
7 Known for nothing this funny guy narrates his memoir called Is This Anything?: I was a very very nervous performer when I first began going onstage. But I was encouraged by my college frien
8 In 1593 a Thai king & a Burmese prince settled a battle one-on-one riding on these; the king won
9 It's always the Sentra of attention
10 Useful when performing magic this 3-word skill refers to manual dexterity employed in doing tricks
11 Billed as the world's smallest mountain Mount Wycheproof rises a majestic 141 feet in this Aussie state fit for a queen
12 Adjective meaning careful & circumspect in what one says or does
13 Feel your pulse pound with a 1988 bestseller by this action novelist: Look Dr. Ryan the general started to say. Jack cut him off. General I am cleared for Tea Clipper. You know that so let's
14 A landmark of mannerism inside & out the Palazzo Te was built for this ruling family of Mantua not of Spokane
15 The 2021 XF is quick as a cat... starting at 44 grand
16 This twisting action done out of grief or concern can also mean showing an exaggerated amount of those emotions
17 At 8100 feet Galdhopiggen northeast of Bergen is this country's highest peak
18 Botox alert! These tiny wrinkles at the outer corners of the eyes are the result of age & squinting
19 Johnny Depp got the honor of bringing this guitar legend's memoir to life: Mick and I knew each other just because we happened to live very close just a few door away with a bit of schooling
20 Launched in 1536 the Portuguese version of this focused largely on pretend converts
21 Its Roadster can top 250 mph & has a 620-mile range sans gas
22 Ambrose Bierce defined this divination practice as the 947th method... of obtaining money by false pretences
23 You can enjoy The Snows of this Tanzanian massif on its central cone Kibo a dormant volcano
24 In this speak used in Internet chat rooms letters are replaced by numbers or other symbols
25 This actor bares all in his memoir Greenlights: I've had four concussions from falling out of four trees three of them on a full moon. I have bongoed naked until the cops arrested me.
26 This Ottoman sultan promised he'd eat breakfast in Vienna; after a few days of siege he got a note saying his food was getting cold
27 Its Legacy is on the line every day
28 The nerves providing sensation to the hand are the median radial & this one that enters the hand via Guyon's canal
29 There's great skiing at places like Tremblant in these mountains the Quebec portion of the Canadian Shield
30 Term for a newspaper published in a large format regarded as more serious & less sensational than tabloids
31 In an 1889 letter Chekhov laid down a famous principle saying if you show one of these it must be used
32 This verb means to handle something roughly like an animal would
33 Sheriff Johnny Behan arrested 3 Earp brothers also lawmen after a shootout at this place; the 3 were exonerated
34 The Earth's mantle is sandwiched between these two layers
35 British Airways in 1996 was the first airline in modern times to offer its first class flyers this feature for a comfy snooze
36 Of Sean Lennon
37 In The Rime of the Ancient Mariner an albatross gets killed; in an 1896 Chekhov play it's one of these birds
38 Portugal's national dish is salted this fish
39 Nucky Johnson who inspired Steve Buscemi's character on this HBO show was a corrupt sheriff of Atlantic County New Jersey
40 This insoluble plant fiber is found in paper pulp & in the fruits & vegetables that we eat
41 Anyone is allowed to book time to use this space telescope first launched in 1990 but competition is fierce
42 Of Zoe Kravitz
43 The title siblings in this Chekhov play are named Olga Irina & Masha
44 The British use this booze to mean strange
45 As a sheriff this man found Billy the Kid twice & killed him once; he'd later get a sweet new gig thanks to Lew Wallace
46 This field concerned with the effects of low temperatures on organisms derives its name from words meaning icy life study
47 Latin for with a key gives us this select group of holy men responsible for picking a new pope
48 Of Dakota Johnson
49 Chekhov's last play is about a woman who must decide if she wants to allow houses to be built on this title plot of land
50 This term for flax fiber goes before headed to describe kids with very light blond hair
51 More slender as a sheriff than as a politician Grover Cleveland was once known as the hangman of this city in New York
52 In 1970 these artificial sweeteners were banned for good after they were linked to cancer in rats
53 Ken Kesey led a close-knit group called the Merry these
54 Of Alexa Ray Joel
55 Several Chekhov plays were staged in the Moscow Art Theatre founded by this man known for his acting method
56 Term for a day on Mars--24 hours & nearly 40 minutes so you can hit snooze a little longer there
57 Daughter of migrant farmworkers Sheriff Lupe Valdez ran in 2018 to become this state's governor losing to Greg Abbott
58 Numbers 55 & 58 on the periodic table are these 2 elements that differ by a letter
59 This twinkly tribunal that persecuted Puritans was abolished by Parliament in 1641
60 Of Gwyneth Paltrow


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1 It was the largest & westernmost of the 11 confederate states
2 In 1756 Voltaire wrote that this which had lasted nearly a thousand years was none of the 3 elements in its name
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5 Bearing the name of an 8th century Berber conqueror this strait separates 2 continents
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7 General relativity meant there must be these waves but they werent directly detected until 2015 by the LIGO Observatory
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9 A 1791 proclamation by President George ordered the first this of the District of Columbia a young George would have done it himself
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