Jeopardy August 03 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy August 03 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Cory Booker
2 The 2000 movie version of this TV show added Viva Rock Vegas to the title
3 The knot called this hitch or bend is used to ensure your boat's rope stays attached to a certain heavy object
4 Irony alert: owners of a Noah's Ark replica in Kentucky sued insurers for not covering damage done by this 4-letter word
5 Argentiferous means containing or producing this metal
6 Someone at the top is this monarch the title of an animated sitcom
7 Marco Rubio
8 Nemesis & First Contact are films based on Star Trek: The Next Generation with Patrick Stewart reprising this role
9 says a half this is medium in size nearly symmetrical &... produces a deep & substantial dimple
10 In 1985 the Cubs' speedy Davey Lopes had 47 of these failing only 4 times--not bad for a 40-year-old!
11 Crabs reabsorb calcium carbonate from their old shells and secrete enzymes to shed them in this process of getting new duds
12 A course of action with the potential for greater difficulties is this alliterative downhill course
13 Mitt Romney but it's not the state he governed
14 This actor took on the role of Dr. Richard Kimble innocent & on the run in the film version of The Fugitive
15 It's similar to a noose knot & is used as the first loop in knitting; it's also a Corey Taylor metal band
16's Key to Soothing Fussy Infants is to mimic this place; Swaddling... may trigger a calming reflex
17 Tonic water contains a small amount of this alkaloid used in the treatment of malaria
18 To do this means to exaggerate a problem into something much larger
19 Ben Sasse of the western Midwest
20 In 2 film versions of a TV sitcom Shelley Long played this character
21 A type of double overhand knot used in fishing is named for this kind of doctor
22 Here's the Appennine Colossus Giambologna's 16th century statue in this region of Italy that includes Pisa & Florence
23 This disease was first identified due to a 1976 convention in Philadelphia
24 Reaching one's highest level of efficiency; you don't want to be doing it too soon
25 Tim Kaine who ran for vice president; remember that?
26 Futuristic assassin Aeon Flux who started on an animated series on MTV came to the movies played by this actress
27 Improperly tied this type of knot is called a granny knot
28 Looking like they're sent from heaven a translucent sea this can stay attached to a mate for four hours & still hunt prey together
29 Also known as a thunderhead this 12-letter type of cloud extends through all 3 levels of altitude classification
30 Be flexible: If the mountain won't come to this prophet he must go to the mountain
31 The largest river to empty into the Pacific in North America it makes a huge gorge in the Cascades
32 He plays piano on Clocks (2002)
33 Sophie Treadwell's 1928 play Machinal explores how a woman can be driven to murder & end her days in this seat
34 Pumpernickel is a cousin to this bread
35 Liliuokalani was the first & last reigning queen of these islands
36 When it's late at home I'll use my Kindle Oasis or Nook Glowlight which are these to catch up on my Flaubert
37 This river forms part of the border between Kansas & the state it shares a name with
38 Electric guitarist on Roll Over Beethoven (1956)
39 In the Czech play R.U.R.. which gave the world this word one of them says Mankind is no more. Mankind gave us too little life
40 You can have fun for one in this type of boat
41 This world leader renounced his throne on March 15 1917; 16 months later he was dead
42 Some prefer sheets with this measure of more than 1000; ours are comfy enough
43 This word comes before Bow in a Wyoming river & before Lodge in a Kansas river
44 Saxophonist on Jungleland (1975) & Dancing In The Dark (1984)
45 A critic called Harold Pinter's The Birthday Party a comedy of menace punning on this phrase for plays about high society
46 Bartholomew in Arkansas & Louisiana is the longest this type of sluggish body of water at over 350 miles
47 King Louis-Philippe was ousted in 1848--France never liked him walking around like a British businessman in a suit & carrying this
48 I like to make popcorn with this Indian clarified butter; I swear it makes it crispier
49 Before emptying into the Gulf of Mexico the Pearl River flows through this capital
50 Drummer on Come As You Are (1991)
51 In a Ben Jonson play Voltore (vulture) hopes to inherit the fortune of this title character whose name means fox
52 A triangle is the simplest form of this type of closed plane figure bounded by straight lines
53 Oliver Cromwell's defeat of the 2 kings of this name ended the English Civil Wars
54 At home we like varietals at different temperatures so we've invested in a dual zone one of these
55 The rap on this river: it's entirely in Virginia & its name is from Algonquian for stream with quick rising waters
56 Keyboardist on You Make Loving Fun (1977)
57 This person's Play by Charles Fuller about Sgt. Waters & Captain Davenport arrived on B'way in 2020 38 years after winning a Pulitzer
58 It's sometimes referred to as a long-horned grasshopper
59 In 1944 King Michael ousted premier Ion Antonescu in this country; Communists tossed Michael in 1947
60 I'll relax to some patriotic jazz with the 2021 album The Democracy! Suite from this man's Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra septet


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# Questions
1 These 2 rivers share the names of countries end with the same 4 letters & both join up with the Parana River
2 Foremost of the Muses she was said to be mother to Orpheus
3 This American found variable stars in the Andromeda Nebula helping him figure its distance from Earth & getting it renamed a galaxy
4 Modern chess notation doesn't use king's bishop 4 & such; all the squares are numbered from a1 to this
5 A 2018 book goes Inside the Mind of this right-wing political daughter the runner-up for French president in 2017 & 2022
6 Master improviser Walter Theodore Rollins
7 Born almost with the century in 1800 he was executed in 1859 on charges including treason against Virginia though he wasn't a Virginian
8 Tolkien wrote that these were for the Elven-kings under the sky
9 The incorporation of quantum theory in the 1913 atomic model of this Dane was groundbreaking
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