Jeopardy April 30 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy April 30 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Dairy products are high in this element atomic No. 20 that is vital to bone growth & health
2 Now in his 30s he grew up playing Harry Potter on the big screen
3 With a January average of -53 F. Verkhoyansk in this 2.5 million-sq.-mile region is often ranked the world's coldest spot
4 Life hasn't turned out so well for Biff & Happy Loman in this play which has a massive spoiler for a title
5 A proverbial pet one can be about people who are always late to meetings
6 Snake eyes
7 (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from the Hungarian Open Air Museum in Szentendre Hungary.) Paprika plants are rich in this vitamin also called ascorbic acid; Hungarian Nobel Prize winner Alb
8 Here's this actor back around the time he was playing Doogie Howser
9 It's the world's third-largest body of water by surface area
10 After doling out wish fulfillment nightly James Monroe Iglehart got one for himself with a 2014 Tony win for this musical role
11 It precedes feathers when you upset someone
12 Boxcars
13 Tomato juice contains lycopene one of these free radical fighters
14 Jason Bateman made his TV series debut in 1981 as the Ingalls' adopted son James on this show
15 3 of the world's 10 wettest spots are in this U.S. state
16 This artist used his signature gold leaf technique on one of his 2 portraits of Viennese society woman Adele Bloch-Bauer
17 To make one listless through monotony; you can also go full- this when employing maximum effort
18 Jimmy Hicks
19 The cancer-fighting glucosinolates in these 2-word veggies the size & shape of a golf ball is sure to get kids to eat them
20 This Brit a future Oscar winner had his first major role in 1987's Empire of the Sun
21 This Japanese island is the world's 7th largest
22 Kate & Petruchio butt heads to say the least in this classic play first printed in 1623
23 To bug intrude or pester or as Winnie the Pooh's catchphrase goes Oh this
24 On the first roll in craps a natural is an 11 or this
25 Capsaicin in spicy foods is thought to boost this all the chemical reactions that change food into energy from Greek for change
26 She found A Little Romance as a teen & later sizzled on screen opposite Richard Gere in The Cotton Club & Unfaithful
27 This mountain chain that extends some 1500 miles from Morocco to Tunisia is the world's 7th longest
28 The Persistence of Memory a 1931 oil-on-canvas piece by him is on display at MOMA & you can set your watch by that
29 Though the word ends with a smile much to my this it means distress caused by failure
30 Acey-deucey
31 James Throckmorton was removed as Texas governor in 1867 as he was an impediment to this post-Civil War rebuilding phase
32 The title teen's prom night is extra-excitiing in this 1974 debut novel
33 Bengali is an officially recognized language in these 2 nations
34 On this show Reverend Lovejoy told Ned There's an oil stain in the parking lot that looks just like St. Barnabas
35 A writ of mittimus is an order requiring a person to be kept here until a court says otherwise
36 A Brit might bid farewell to an old chap using this word
37 Gaining office in a 2003 recall election he was once known as The Austrian Oak
38 At 6'6 & 242 pounds this Alabaman is bigger on the page than on the screen but the near-70 I.Q. is about right
39 This country's 11 official languages include Setswana & isiXhosa
40 In the Beatles' Eleanor Rigby he is writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear
41 A T.R.O. is a temporary one of these protecting someone from being threatened stalked or harassed
42 It's a large-scale musical work for voices & orchestra usually based on a religious theme
43 A grad of Northwestern Law Adlai Stevenson governed this state from 1949 to 1953
44 The narrator of this Nabokov novel tells us that at age 13 he loved a girl named Annabel
45 Spasiba! You just learned how to say thank you in this language & you're welcome
46 On HBO Jude Law was The Young Pope & this actor had no trouble being The New Pope
47 Willfully disobey a judge's order & you're in this 3 words you don't want to hear
48 It adds some spicy bitterness to a salad
49 In 1921 Channing Cox succeeded this upwardly mobile governor of Massachusetts who went by the same 2 initials
50 Husband Alexei is the odd man out in this novel that ends with a terrible way to catch a train
51 About 20 million in this East African nation speak Amharic
52 Ewan McGregor plays the Vatican's Camerlengo in this 2009 film based on a Dan Brown book
53 It's a 4-letter order to halt a judicial proceeding--good boy!
54 Type of cabinet in which to display your knickknacks bizarre or otherwise
55 Seen here before his assassination in Baton Rouge he called himself sui generis meaning one of a kind
56 This title Defoe heroine has 5 weddings but no funeral
57 Some scholars trace the origin of the word Andes to a word meaning high crest in this indigenous language
58 Seen here he played the hot priest who was the object of affection for TV's Fleabag
59 This type of 3-word order commands a business or person to stop what they're doing stat
60 From the Latin for messenger it's a papal ambassador to a foreign government


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9 Her beloved Radames is sentenced to be buried alive; she joins him so the pair can die together
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