Jeopardy April 29 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy April 29 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Twisting pulling pushing or turning this piece of equipment costs an NFL defender 15 yards
2 Like cops a process server may have to endure hours on one of these sitting in a car looking for the target to come out
3 Meaning one thing at a time para para literally is this animal twice implying you can't milk 2 at the same time
4 The devil gets his fair share of mentions in Cotton Mather's account of these 1692 proceedings
5 Not to be confused with a medieval weapon it's a ceremonial symbol of royal authority in the UK Parliament
6 It's a cause for disqualification in the 100-meter dash; a jumpy NFL offensive lineman doing it costs 5 yards
7 It's paired with Odessa in a region of West Texas
8 Nickname for the 2013 scandal in which access lanes from N.J. to the GW were deliberately closed causing monster gridlock
9 When Eliezer Ben-Yehuda revived spoken Hebrew from a 1700-year sleep his 1st new word was milon this type of book he compiled
10 It's believed the British used this disease as a biological weapon by passing out infected blankets during the French & Indian War
11 As opposed to a human cannonball the British chariot was a human this launched from a submarine & guided by divers
12 (Jimmy of the Clue Crews presents by a display monitor.) If a quarterback is under defensive pressure & throws a pass that lands nowhere near a receiver it's intentional this
13 Volcanic activity created Surtsey Island off its coast in 1963
14 This action by OPEC in October 1973 produced long lines at U.S. gas stations
15 A word in the Bible for harp-like instrument gives us psanter the modern Hebrew word for this other P instrument
16 In December 1732 Benjamin Franklin published his first edition of this for the coming year
17 Cortlandt Alley off Canal Street is often used as a location for movies & TV shows shot in this city
18 If you block an NFL opponent from behind below the waist it'll cost you & your team 15 yards as this penalty
19 Mills College the first women's college west of the Rockies is located in this Bay Area city
20 On SR-91 also known as Florida's this toll road it's 49 miles between exits Yeehaw Junction to Kissimmee/St. Cloud
21 Oddly the Hebrew name for this New World poultry translates to Indian chicken
22 In addition to 2400 troops George Washington ferried 18 cannons & many horses across this river on Christmas night 1776
23 The flag of this large Pacific island nation is mostly flown blue side up in times of peace & red side up in times of war
24 If the offense is called for holding in its own end zone this score is awarded to the defense
25 The Pomeranian Lakeland has more than 1000 lakes in this country
26 The rally race named for this capital of Senegal features 12-hour shifts behind the wheel dodging camels & land mines
27 This Nestle brand of coffee translates to miracle coffee in Hebrew & is used for any instant coffee in Israel
28 The first elected legislature in the colonies was the house of these established in Virginia in 1619
29 When she wrote Outlander Diana Gabaldon hadn't been to this U.K. country the book's main setting
30 Sam Malone on Cheers & Michael on The Good Place
31 Collective term for the years 2000 to 2009
32 If you own a device from this company you get 5 free gigabytes of virtual storage in iCloud
33 This creator of Tarzan never set foot in Africa
34 Dr. Gregory House & politician Tom James on Veep
35 The hoard called Priam's Treasure was discovered in 1873 during the excavation of this site
36 In 2015 DuPont spun off a company called Chemours to produce Opteon Freon & this -on used on cookware
37 Freedom to do what you want by yourself
38 This country's Mount Cook is also known as Aorangi from the Maori for cloud piercer
39 Bram Stoker consulted the 1865 book this region: Its Products and Its People to write about a place he never went
40 Angela Bower on Who's the Boss? & Shelly Pfefferman on Transparent
41 Though the owners won't say where a hoard of gold coins worth millions was found in 2013 in this east California mountain range
42 Po-210 an isotope of this element is used in gold foil to eliminate static electricity in industrial processes
43 The price goes down instead of up in the Dutch type of this process
44 America Ferrera was promoted to manager of a branch of this less-than-heavenly chain on NBC's Superstore
45 This author from Prague never visited the U.S. & it shows when the Statue of Liberty holds aloft a sword on page 1 of his novel Amerika
46 Tilly Mitchell in Escape at Dannemora & Dee Dee Blanchard in The Act
47 In 1999 a TV crew on the island of Gotland located the Spillings Hoard the largest treasure ever found from these people
48 These naturally occurring lipids are named for their trios of molecules; in tristearin they're all stearic acid
49 He was one of the great masters of 20th century English poetry
50 Poet John Milton coined this precious term for the upside of a cloud
51 The Lost City of Z is about South America explorer Percy Fawcett who helped Arthur Conan Doyle WFH this Lost book
52 Jonah Dekker on Law & Order: Los Angeles & Lucious Lyon on Empire
53 A medieval goblet found in an Irish hoard is called the Ardagh this type of drinking vessel used to celebrate the Eucharist
54 This Frenchman's 1789 Elementary Treatise on Chemistry is said to be the field's first modern textbook
55 If the French & British can agree on one thing it's that you call the eggplant this
56 A reunion with an old friend at a pub becomes depressing in A Little Cloud a tale in this James Joyce short story collection


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# Questions
1 In 1920 work began on a NYC-NJ tunnel named for him; it was said he could make you think of a tunnel as a mole thinks of a burrow
2 With a maximum empty weight in the U.S. of 254 pounds this kind of aircraft isn't just light it's...
3 Female fickleness is the subject of this Mozart opera whose title can be translated as all women do the same
4 In 1856 this former president who ran on the Know-Nothing ticket received only 8 electoral votes
5 One of rock's early pioneers he was known for his unusual guitars
6 India's constitution made discrimination against this lower class illegal in 1949; Scheduled Caste is now the operative term
7 The world's longest sea bridge & tunnel connects Hong Kong & this other special administrative region to mainland China
8 17th century artist Georges de la Tour was known as the Master of this type of illumination
9 Her beloved Radames is sentenced to be buried alive; she joins him so the pair can die together
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