In 1920 work began on a NYC-NJ tunnel named for him; it was said he could make you think of a tunnel as a mole thinks of a burrow

Below you will find the solution for: In 1920 work began on a NYC-NJ tunnel named for him; it was said he could make you think of a tunnel as a mole thinks of a burrow Jeopardy .

In 1920 work began on a NYC-NJ tunnel named for him; it was said he could make you think of a tunnel as a mole thinks of a burrow Jeopardy

Possible Solution: CLIFFORD HOLLAND

Since you already solved the question In 1920 work began on a NYC-NJ tunnel named for him; it was said he could make you think of a tunnel as a mole thinks of a burrow which had the answer CLIFFORD HOLLAND, you can simply go back at the main post to check the other answers. You can do so by clicking the link here Jeopardy May 14 2021

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