From 1689 to 1690 & 1701 to 1702 he served as a Member of Parliament representing the constituency of Cambridge University

Below you will find the solution for: From 1689 to 1690 & 1701 to 1702 he served as a Member of Parliament representing the constituency of Cambridge University Jeopardy .

From 1689 to 1690 & 1701 to 1702 he served as a Member of Parliament representing the constituency of Cambridge University Jeopardy

Possible Solution: (ISAAC) NEWTON

Since you already solved the question From 1689 to 1690 & 1701 to 1702 he served as a Member of Parliament representing the constituency of Cambridge University which had the answer (ISAAC) NEWTON, you can simply go back at the main post to check the other answers. You can do so by clicking the link here Jeopardy April 15 2024

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